SPIDER surgical instrument looks like a proto-bush-robot

The TransEnterix SPIDER Surgical System is a laporoscopic surgical instrument that allows for easy tool-swapping without withdrawing the device from the patient. It also happens to look like a distant ancestor to Moravec's bush robot.

Flexible Laparoscopy With The Spider System Is Characterized By:

# Triangulation achieved via single site access
# True left and true right instrumentation
# Flexible, articulating instruments
# A single-operator platform
# An open platform with multiple working channels

TransEnterix SPIDER Surgical System Gets CE Mark


  1. Of all the things in Ghost in the Shell to become real, I didn’t think the creepy cyborg secretary fingers would be one of them.

  2. As a surgeon in training with an overactive tech-robot gland this post really floated my boat. Thanks a lot Cory / Boing Boing. I posted a link to the article at my blog at thestudentdoctor . Com

  3. I have always loved how clean and neat everything is when it’s done with animation. No complications and no mess! (I spent a number of years doing design and visualization at an endoscopic surgical instrument company)

  4. The first Christmas bush, like from Rocheworld…? Neeeeat! I am ready for my new vat-grown body, this one hurts…

  5. When I see life-enhancing engineering wonders like this, I can’t help but think how much further along we’d be if the [insert your favourite billion dollar weapon of war] R&D had been directed for good.

  6. It’s not quite as bushy as the name and picture suggest, it’s only got two “hands” – the picture shows 6 different positions that those two arms can take, overlaid

  7. Holy cow, this is really interesting. I’m a laparoscopic technician and have seen a few single-port surgeries but they still use conventional laparoscopic instruments albeit through a larger port. A normal cholecystectomy will make use of 3 5mm ports; 1 for laparoscope, 2 for instrumentation. This is neat, as single-port surgeries right now with the usual tools is still very tedious and bulky. – Gus H.

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