Pileup guy is the exact opposite of Double Rainbow guy

Pileup guy is the exact opposite of Double Rainbow guy. [NSFW language]. (Via Arbroath)


  1. I’m not so sure. The drivers seem to be in on the carnage (it’s clearly a demo-derby), and the speaker takes delight in this. I hold that lot of the wonder of rainbows is the uncanny feeling that you’re in on it with nature.

    although he sounds more affected by EtOH than by E.

  2. I dunno.. would’nt “the exact opposite of Double Rainbow guy” be someone who bears witness to a unique, historical, once in a lifetime event (like say first contact with aliens), and simply goes “Meh”?

    Fun video all the same. Like mdh said, it´s a demo-derby and this is the reason people arrange those things.

  3. I don’t think it’s a demolition derby; at least not any like I’ve ever seen. Drivers in a demo derby do whatever they can to protect their radiators, so they don’t ram head-on into other drivers; they back into them. This looks like a race.

    1. I take it you’ve never been to a figure 8 race, then? They try not to crash into each other, but it happens and that’s why the crowds show up.

      1. God only knows what this is. IME, demolition derbys don’t go like this. The goal in a DD, of course, is to be the last car moving under its own power. Running head-on into another car is a quick way to keep yourself from winning. And running into other cars deliberately at this speed (especially without a helmet restraint) seems like a good way to go out like Dale Earnhardt (not to imply his death was deliberate; it wasn’t).

        This looks more like just a regular roundy-round race, but (oddly) in the rain, and (frighteningly) without yellow flags. Everyone’s just losing traction in the same part of the corner and sliding into the same section of wall.

        It’s gotta hurt.

        Figure-eight races are cool, though. I particularly miss the Train Races at the late lamented Cajon Speedway east of San Diego, which until 2004 occasionally hosted Train Races at the end of its regular Saturday night program of Bomber Stocks and NASCAR Sportsman races. The Train Race is no ordinary figure-eight affair. Three cars are welded together: a large V-8 powered land barge (often Lincolns and Cadillacs) upfront serving as the “locomotive”, with a driver steering it. Then two small stripped cars (Honda Civics, Ford Pintos, etc.) with no engines, transmissions, or interiors are attached behind. Inside the last car rides the “brakeman.” And these 3-car trains race in a figure-eight at speeds approaching 50mph in the straights. First couple laps are tame enough, with the brakemen “cracking the whip” around the corners providing the only real laffs. But then, once the faster trains start getting a real lead on the slower ones, and they begin approaching the intersection simultaneously…

        Well, with a bag of circus peanuts and a cold beverage, your Saturday Nite’s amusement is assured.

  4. A little browsing for the Ipswich World Final around the ‘tubes strongly suggests that IronEdith is onto something.

  5. The cars are definitely crashing on purpose, I’d imagine it’s the last race of the day and there really is no ‘winner’, the whole point by then is to crash a lot and make everyone watching it happy.
    Adding caravans into the mix makes it even better.

  6. The comments on the youtube video explain what it is.

    It’s a version of demolition derby, but not the last car that moves wins types.

    Banger Racing.

    Also this guy seems quite similar to the Double Rainbow guy, except more bogan (and thus enjoying a more bogan past time)…

  7. Hi all,

    I am writing because 1st of this is my video, and 2nd off its a sport called ‘Banger Racing’

    What this means is cars race around a short oval circuit and are allowed to take each other out along the way. Its a full contact sport and the majority of the crowd turn up to see the crashing. The cars are specially built and modified to take the impact and help keep the driver as safe as possible. All these drivers got out after to a huge cheer from the crowd and they all shook each others hands and had a laugh about it!

    You get some drivers that race purely to do as well as they can and try and win the race, and other drivers (like the ones in this video!) who have no intention on winning and go out purely for the crash!

    Hope this has cleared it up as its not that well known but it is fairly popular in England.

    For the original video check it out here;

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