Print-and-stick zombie wounds

Ben Tripp sez, "Rise Again, my zombie apocalypse novel (reviewed here by Cory) is in bookstores today! In honor of the occasion, I wish to direct readers to my downloadable sheet of zombie wounds. Print them on full-sheet sticker paper, then cut, peel, and stick. You can also find some zombie eyeglasses on the site for the instant undead look."

(Thanks, Ben, via Submitterator!)


    1. You must have tarried with some pretty shopworn ladies in your day… either that, or gotten yerself a fair amount of zombie trim…

    1. Click on the first 2/3 of the link, not the last 1/3.

      I have one complaint about this Wonderful Thing: why did you wait until 5 days before Halloween? I know my 7th grader would have gone for this in a heartbeat, but there’s no way I’m telling her now and risking 4 days of pleading to change from her original idea (her Mai costume cost more – time and money – to put together than all the others combined in our family).

  1. @Chgolitz, gee, now I feel bad! The zombie eyeglasses are even easier. Well, 7th graders should dress up as Star Wars characters anyway. I think it’s the law.

    Maybe she should read the book, instead… but not for a few years.

    As for the rest of you swine, it was a lot of work to make those things not look vaginal — a couple of them had to be modified about 20 times before they didn’t look like something from a pr0n video.

    1. Star Wars?

      STAR WARS?????

      Avatar: the anime/manga version, not the recent Hollywood version.


      *flounces off*

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