Emergency Unicorn Delivery



  1. Alas, another internet meme thingy that goes over my head. Is this to refresh our palette’s from the horror we saw when the site was hacked a little while ago?

  2. Lovely! But if I refresh this page, will the unicorns suddenly look like they’ve sprouted dozens of dicks from their faces?

    1. “will the unicorns suddenly look like they’ve sprouted dozens of dicks from their faces?”

      No, just the one, right in the middle of their foreheads.

  3. By luck, Melvyn Bragg has just (20 mins ago) finished a live discussion about unicorns with his studio guests in the latest In Our Time on BBC Radio 4, for those who can Listen Again later (too fresh right now to listen again yet).

    “In the 5th century BC a Greek historian, Ctesias, described a strange one-horned beast which he believed to live in a remote area of India. Later classical scholars, including Aristotle and Pliny, added to his account of this animal which they called the monoceros, a vicious ass-like creature with a single horn in the middle of its forehead.

    “For centuries the monoceros or unicorn was widely accepted to be a real – if rarely seen – beast. It appears in the Bible, and in the Middle Ages became a powerful Christian symbol. It continued to be represented in art and literature throughout the Renaissance, when ‘unicorn horn’ became one of the most valuable commodities on earth, thanks to its supposed properties as an antidote to poison. As late as the seventeenth century, scientists believed they had found conclusive proof of the existence of unicorns. It was some time before the animal was shown to be a myth; four hundred years on, the unicorn retains much of its fascination and symbolic power.

    Juliette Wood, Associate Lecturer in Folklore at Cardiff University
    Lauren Kassell, Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge
    David Ekserdjian, Professor of the History of Art and Film at the University of Leicester.”

  4. Pavement – Gangsters And Pranksters

    Donnybrook between two gangsters
    And a bunch of merry pranksters
    Two against a .22,
    Well who d’ya think is gonna win
    Ten ta one it’s the gangsters,
    Those pranksters they can’t even fight!

    Gangsters like their knuckles bloody
    Pranksters spike the drinks of their buddies

    Gangsters treat their ladies right
    And pranksters curse their chick-less plight
    (Aw man, there’s no dames)


  5. Maybe a picture of a creature with cylinders protruding from weird places isn’t the ideal chaser in this instance…

  6. I don’t understand what the unicorn is soothing. Is it that little clown doll down about six posts?

    1. Clue me in folks. Boingboing hacked?

      OMG, I was there.

      It was chaos…. dicks everywhere, pulsing music, little girls crying, fathers howling, phallus, innuendoes…

      [cow mumbles something incoherent, faints & falls back into chair]

      1. “Cats and Dogs living together, mass hysteria…”

        I miss all the fun ’cause I go to be early. *sigh*

        Teapot: Yeah, when I haven’t started my 2nd cup of coffee, I’m freakin’ crippled. ;P

  7. In Scene 1, we see Unicorn 1 has The Hunger, and Unicorn 2 has, sadly, just discovered this. Scene 2 should be interesting.

  8. Meh. I liked the man in the unicorn suit better, with all the pretty pink horns all over his body.

    Where’d that article go, anyway?

  9. I think it was nice for the one to put up his picture like that. Here I was assuming it was a just another 14 year old frustrated know it all, when clearly he has several large dicks, perfect for his girlfriends (they’re all from out of town, you wouldn’t know them).

  10. That looks like a new-born unicorn to me. And it has a HORN. I’m thinking of an especially painful birthing…Ouch.

    1. What you missed:

      If you do a google image search for “penis man” you will see the multi-phallused offending image. I am leery of promoting it again here, but it could have been worse I guess; mildly funny, mildly offensive by my reckoning, and hey– it brought loads of joy to some poor acne-faced kid who is busy high-fiving his poster of Captain Picard celebrating his perceived victory.

    2. What happened was that the server or the content management system got hacked last night and replaced by a picture and some shout out/taunting text.

      If you want to see the image that this is chasing I will not directly link to it. Instead if you go to google images and search for this string you will find it, “man in penis halloween costume”.

      It should be one of the top hits and he is in a body sock with multiple pen0rs flopping off of it.

    3. For a while, late yesterday evening, coming to BoingBoing yielded a black screen with a picture of someone dressed in a suit covered with floppy schlongs, a mash-up of that girls father yelling about backtracing internet trolls, and some senseless ranting about Cory and/or BoingBoing redesign. Then, for a while, you just couldn’t access BoingBoing at all. So, I went to bed.

    4. As far as I can tell, last night about 9:30 PST or so, the site was hacked with a photo (from a Halloween festival?) of a guy dressed in a rubber suit with penises sticking out all over it. Lots and lots of penises, and his head (this is the clincher) done up as a ball sac. Yuck. Not horrifying, just kind of depressing (and wow, how original!

      Things seen cannot be unseen, but a unicorn chaser makes it better. Thanks, Xeni, and glad to have my treasured procrastination resource back online.

    5. Essentially, the website was hacked last night. There was a fairly tacky and infantile photo put up of a man dressed in penis suit. Dozens of penises attached to the suit and the head of the suit looked like a penis and balls for a chin. They also had a message about hacking and said some not nice things about some of bloggers on this site.

  11. Yes, someone hacked the site last night; I saw it at around 9:30 pm Pacific time. It was one page that included the image others have described (daneyul and mdh in particular); a juvenile series of taunts directed at Cory; and that video of that man with his daughter (?) that was going around a little while ago, where he says something meme-ful that I forget.

  12. Annnnnd…they’re back! Someone just had to show off pictures from his Halloween party. Ugh.

  13. If BoingBoing were an iPhone, they basically got jailbroken. Someone just wanted BoingBoing’s platform to be a bit more open :-)

    Gruber’s twitter stream (@gruber) has a small nsfw screenshot of it.

    1. The unicorn is not shopped, but was illegally scanned, hence the moire pattern. I should know, I’m the artist!

  14. If you do a quick google search on boing boing hacked, you will turn up some screen shots of the tasteless images that kept everyone from boinging for a while.

  15. Hmmm, having trouble logging in (although apparently no one else is).

    I must’ve missed all the excitement that necessitated unicorns.

  16. I was really disappointed by the peckerman hackers.

    If you’re going to spend the time to hack a website that has as many viewers as BoingBoing, why not spend a couple hours designing a clever webpage to put up? Show some pride in your work man!

  17. I’d rather not know. Leave that stuff to 4chan.
    I really like the new front page header, by the way.

  18. I must apologize, Jeni. But can we bring the dick sprouting guy back? Given the choice between that or more unicorn chasers, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to side with megadick guy.

  19. If you must know, here is what you missed:

    Evidently, they claimed displeasure about Cory posting security related stories which he did not have ongoing and expert implementation on the Boing Boing webserver.

    More likely, they had a hack that worked and then tried to come up with something clever to say from there.

  20. Um, I had this folder in 7th grade, in my short-lived Lavender and Unicorns phase. There was a whole series–can’t remember the artist’s name. Anyway, this particular folder inspired a ill-thought-out redecoration of my whole bedroom to match it. When I came to my senses a few months later (I blame hormones) and wanted to un-redecorate it, my parents explained that unfortunately the funding had dried up for bedroom redecorations. I was stuck with this “theme” through visits home during college. Thanks for the memories….

  21. Hehe, I like how the parent unicorn is comforting the little one:

    “Sob, sniff, Mooooommmmy, I saw something really nasty on the internet…”

  22. Around 7 PM PDT last night, some 1337 h@x0r gained write access to the boingboing.net front page, and installed a screed calling Cory Doctorow names (“you talk about security but you don’t have m@d skillZ”, and containing a picture of people in costumes of penises covering their entire bodies, and some video, which I didn’t bother to click.

    If you’ve ever seen one of those haxx0r3d web pages, with giant white text and a black background, this one was pretty much exactly like them, only with more penises. Or maybe the same number of penises — I’ve little experience in these matters.

    The Stalwart Admins worked diligently for an unknown period of time to replace it.

    Sorry I didn’t save it off; I didn’t realize that some people would find it entertaining.

  23. Well, I posted a (NSFW) link with a photocache, courtesy of techcrunch dot com. But I guess it didn’t take.

  24. Some 1337 10053R hacked the site complaining that Cory, an occasional security lecturer, had an insecure site. There was a lame youtube video and a picture of Cory “Cocktrow”, many peni protruding from a man in a costume. It was pretty lame, any web server can be hacked if enough effort and luck is involved. Seriously, does this idiot think Cory runs and audits the BB server?!?!
    I am more wondering why it is taking so long to get the regular flow of stories back.

  25. For those who don’t know: sometime last night BB got hacked. When the page came up, there was a juvenile insult directed at Cory, accompanied by a photo of someone in a pink suit covered in rubber phalluses. Cuz, like, penises are funny, right? And supposedly shocking, I guess.
    Thanks for the unicorns anyway, Xeni!

  26. Basically it was a picture of a guy with 40 or so dicks all around his body, like at the end of that George Washington cartoon music video.

    And then there was some text about how Cory publicizes other hacks, but his site isn’t secure, so he’s stupid.

    Below that, there was an embedded Youtube remix of You Dun Goofed (Backtraced) guy screaming.

    All in all, not that bad. But the unicorn chaser is still nice.

  27. I believe I logged on last night just when it must have happened.
    It was weird and quite childish, no?

    Well, nothing can stop my BoingBoing!

    Best Regards to you all:)

    1. Let’s start the whole Violet Blue fiasco again and admonish Boingboing for ‘unpublishing’ the post.

      Yeah, how dare they! It’s censorship, I tell you!

      Help, help, I’m being oppressed! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!

  28. Xeni:

    I love you and I think you’re amazing. I didn’t get the full appreciation of you until I read that you were the real inspiration for Cayce Pollard in Gibson’s Pattern Recognition.

    Having said that, I think the unicorn apologia has gotten old.

    We’re living in an age of hyper-allergies where the least little strangeness, even involving clothing, sends some into anaphylactic shock. I think Cory should go on Fox News and say that the Internet makes him nervous. He could make $2 million by just acting a little neurotic.

    BTW, how did a nice religious holiday celebrating dead saints turn into a hypersexualized costumed event?

    Can’t we have some sort of constancy in the consequences?

    1. BTW, how did a nice religious holiday celebrating dead saints turn into a hypersexualized costumed event?

      Umh…. it was a hypersexualized costumed event long before the birth of the White Christ… are you for real?

  29. very curious, how many readers does boingboing actually have…..

    Well, it’s all actually just you and me, but I have a lot of accounts and a lot of free time.

  30. So was comments system also down for some of this morning?

    I had posted my question here, then came back about an hour later and my question was still last on the list, in both threads I had commented on.

    It might have just been a caching issue for me, but now I’m back, and see that 11 different people responded to me, which makes me think that no one saw anyone else’s answer either.

    Did BB suddenly become a magnet for hax0r script-kiddies?

    1. I noticed the same thing. I posted a summary of the hack and it took hours for it to post (at which point a bunch of other people had also posted explanations).

  31. Are people really that incapable of typing ‘boingboing hancked’ into Google? TechCrunch and ZDNet were all over it.

    Good to see you are back!

  32. Is it weird that I have this very picture, among many others, on one of my unicorn art floppy disks?

    Yeah. When I was younger, unicorns were to me what aliens were to Mulder. Except for the sister bit.

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