Open thread: your DIY Hallowe'en costumes?

Image: Underwater witch at Halloween, Rainbow Springs, FL, mid-1950s. Via Flickr Commons, from Florida State Archives.

I'm thinking of going as "Sexy SQL Database," or maybe stringing a bunch of hard drives and shredded FOIA documents on a blood-red ballgown and going as Wikileaks. How 'bout you? Your ideas for the BoingBoing-iest homemade costumes welcomed in the comments.


  1. Not quite as DIY as what I bet others will post here, but I like modifying or combining parts of existing costumes to make something original (usually to illustrate a pun.)

    My biggest success was a white Elvis costume, complete with Elvis wig, and my new (at the time) acoustic guitar, along with latex elf (pointed) ear tips.

    Get it?

    I was ELVISH!

    Won the office costume contest (hands down, from what I was told afterwards.)

  2. All you need is a Domino’s tee-shirt and a pizza box and… voilà!

    You’re an English literature major.

    1. Ha ha ha. I’ll have you know that this Creative Writing major is gainfully employed, with good benefits.

      Granted, I’m employed as a programmer. But at least I put my communication skills to good work, unlike the compiler-and-sort-algorithm skills that CS grads have.

  3. A Large sheet, liquid adhesive, a few garbage bags of leaves.
    A pile of leaves.
    Not good for bars, galas, et cetera. Tailor-suited for occasions at a home. Sitting in a corner, whilst friends sneak goodies to you. Surreal.

    1. @Anon #5 Sweet! I was going to go as Miss Tick by attaching a yellow frog to my witch hat, but decided go as Christine O’Donnell instead – on my hat I shall affix a pin that says “I’m not a witch, I’m you”

  4. Hubby & I are cutting holes in a couple of white sheets and going as ghosts. I figure no one does that anymore.

    1. Quickest costume I ever through together: stetson hat, trenchcoat & gloves from my closet, gauze from my medicine cabinet and a pair of sunglasses. Víola! Invisible man.

  5. Any Minecraft fans here? I’m starting to see Creeper costumes sneaking up on the Internet.


  6. I’m going as a combination of things. i have a black mask and jacket to wear but my DIY piece is a glove with 8″ syringes for fingers. Here is a picture (i made caps for the syringes to make it kid safe, they will come of after trick or treaters end and barhopping begins)

  7. I’m thinking a red, white and blue t-shirt and a poorly spelled, grammatically incorrect sign = Tea Bagger! Guess I need big boots and a Don’t Tread On Me sticker!

  8. I’m going to a mad hatter’s tea party on Friday as a playing card so I’ll probably reuse it on Sunday.

    I’m getting a duvet cover, cutting head and arm holes in it and painting a value on the front. When I hold my arms out I *should* look something like a card :-P

    Quick, simple and easy, and that’s important as I’ll be travelling across Scotland on public transport from one party to the other on Saturday…

  9. Once (and only once) me and my younger brother had some “on the outside” underwear, and some rubber gloves and it was perfect – for about 5 minutes.

  10. I’m being lazy this year and going as Leela from Futurama, simply because I already had most of the outfit in my closet. I made my cyclops/mutant eye out of a plain dust mask, trimmed into to a more eyeball-ish shape, and painted with fabric paint.

    Related: Do you know how hard it is to find a simple purple wig in this town? Yeesh.

    My husband is being even lazier. A little hair product. A LOT of glitter. And he’s a sullen sparkle vampire.

  11. wear whatever you normally would = a pirate. an internet pirate. (hang a piratebay logo round your neck to really make the point)

    1. I once did a variant of the Internet Pirate idea; I took a pirate costume and and old waistcoat, sewed a dead iPod I had lying around to the waistcoat and went as a “MP3 Pirate”.

  12. The best simple DIY costume I’ve ever seen though was a guy who showed up at one of my college parties wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans, cowboy boots, one of those early-90s multi-colored collared shirts … And a Vader mask.

    He was Darth Brooks.

    1. Nice. I did a similar one in ’99: tight jeans+cowboy hat & boots+red & black patterned face paint=Garth Maul.

  13. My friends wanted to do a theme costume to the tune of Homestar Runner, and I chose the prolific Strongbad to emulate. But, being a poor (employed) English major I couldn’t buy a luche mask and gloves etc. etc. Luckily, a red ski mask, felt, and a Mountain Dew bottle (for the eye pieces) helped me make the mask, felt and craft stuffing will make the gloves, and my old pair of shoes and some spray paint made his boots. My girlfriend will complete the look by going as The Cheat.

    I’ve never been a very crafty person, but after years of being a loyal bOING bOINGer I felt like this year was the time to see how well I could sew. It feels good to know that every part of my costume was made by hand.

  14. I love Halloween because I love coming up with costumes.

    Going as a blank slate this year. Moved into a house with old wood panel remnants and latex paint. Add in this tutorial and you can be any colour blank slate you want. I’ll hang the ‘chalk boards’ back and front (sandwich board styles) and carry around an eraser and chalk (regular and sidewalk variety) with me and people can write messages on me all night.

  15. i have an escaped convict outfit im wearing, but my pride and joy this halloween is my glove with 8″ syringes for fingers. I got the idea from Scarecrow from Batman, but the end result turned out different. i put tips on the syringes to keep it kid safe but they come off for the costume contests later in the evening.

    here is a picture

  16. I’m decorating a bodice and skirt with a pile of discarded computer cards – my 8 year-old is going trick-or-treating with The Motherboard.

  17. I did headhunter last year and for one party this year, and made my own shrunken heads from styrofoam, paper and West Epoxy, wax thread, hair, etc. I like making things that are as real as possible, from real materials, but I had a problem with this costume – I had a 6 ft bamboo staff on top of which I mounted a skull and two antelope horns along with other decorative ‘JUJu’ elements, and carried a real Machete in a fake-jaguar skin sheath. They wouldn’t let me into the clubs for the contests. Go figure!

    Halloween is surely the greatest Maker holiday of all….

  18. How about Powdered Toast Man from Ren and Stimpy?!

    (Actually, I couldn’t find tights my size on short notice (not to mention an inflatable bikini) so I went as his Altar (ha ha) Ego, Pastor Toastman! I’m only sad you can’t see the collar in this shot …

  19. I’ll be the cat that ate the canary this year:
    I’m making a screen-print on a black t-shirt with 3 parts. The back of the rib-cage, a yellow bird, and then the top of the rib cage. It should pan out to look like an x-ray a ‘la looney tunes.
    i’ll be wearing the basic cat costume, a couple of feathers glued to my mouth, and I’m set!

  20. ankle-length cream-color bathrobe, a reproduction-quality Dr. Who scarf repurposed as a sash, a pirate wig with the beads removed, small wreath for a crown of thorns, giant ’70s elton john sunglasses, gold chains and giant gold cross, cigar and my own rather long and luxurious beard = Jesus Christ Superstar

    I’m trying to decide if I should put W W I D ? on the back of the robe. too much?

  21. I went as my work ID card. I scanned my ID card, then blew it up to life-size & had it printed. Glued it to cardboard, cut out the rectangle part where my picture was, and hung it in front of me with straps that went around my shoulders.

    Last year I went as gum stuck under a chair. I made a tiny chair out of cardboard, and wore it on my head like a hat. The rest of me was either painted or clothed in green.

  22. tie strings to hands of several action figures, attach to various parts of your body. You are a Runaway Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon of yourself.

  23. I made a chainmail vest a few years ago. 10,000 steel rings ordered from a foundry in Canada, several lock-tight pliers that got worn/warped enough to no longer lock, and about a hundred hours of work later, I had a nice item I could have bought for $80.

    Or that could have dropped from a mob.

    Oh wait… this one was better. $30 of foam, felt, hot glue, and copper tubing = Kermit!

  24. I am going as a Prescott Pharmaceuticals rep. (look it up) I will wear suit and tie but I have an Prescott ID badge made and I am going to give out candy in little plastic bags as free Pharmaceuticals samples. I was thinking I should hand out some T-shirts that say “Sorry about the whole Zombie thing” that would also have the Prescott logo on them.

  25. I’m going as count duckula. Got a cheap vampire costume,
    with white gloves, bow tie. Green face paint, and a yellow cardboard beak with teeth.

    just need a grannie with a arm in a sling calling me “duckyboos”

  26. I usually go all out on my halloween costumes, but this year particularly drove my wife crazy. :)

    This year, I put together a Ghostbuster outfit, complete with slimeblower. The pictures:

    This took me about 3 months to build and tons of trips to home depot. It isn’t 100% movie accurate, but it was definitely close enough to make a big impression at our Halloween party this past weekend. Most of the design is courtesy of the discussion on the forums. Enjoy :)

  27. My all time favorite DIY costume: I used a plastic “brain” from a costume shop. I cut out a piece about 6 inches in diameter and made an “x” slit in 2 crossing cranial grooves. I glued a small zip lock bag behind it (cutting the x into one side of the bag also). I glued the whole thing behind a hole in a cheap knit cap so it looked like my brain was exposed behind the hole in the cap. I could reach my fingers through the x slit and rummage around in the zip lock bag. I filled the zip lock bag with gummy worms and fake blood. I wore that along with shabby clothes and gray-green makeup (zombie). So I was a zombie that could pull bloody brainworms out of my exposed brain and eat them.

  28. I had a lot of fun with a bald wig and gray sweat pants and shirt one yet. And my 1 year old in a Baby Bjorn. We went as Dr. Evil and Mini Me!

    Another time I was cheap and just went as Flask, the evil twin of Beaker from the Muppet show. Hardest part was getting my hair orange enough without making it too permanent.

    This yeah… the kids are going to be a hobbit and a cow girl.
    I love the Motherboard idea though! Should get the wife to do that one.

  29. A few years ago made a large collection of fake piranhas out of aqua-green balloons, small hair clips, cardboard paper, stuffing and staples. Then I attached them all over my outfit with their jaws clamping on to it. I was a piranha victim.

  30. surplus scrubs w/ nuclear sign from regional nuclear facility + gas mask + scarf, hat + paper snowflakes = nuclear winter

  31. Re: Morrigan #7…

    Interestingly, my 9-year-old autistic son came up with the idea of cutting a number of holes in a sheet and going as Charlie Brown. I was very impressed that he came up with that and tried to encourage him to do it but, after he thought about it some more, he won’t do it. He is afraid he will end up with a bag of rocks.

  32. I will be in a homemade monkey outfit and my wife will be a spider/human hybrid holding very large tiger testicles.
    I, of course, will be singing:

    Tiger’s balls, yeah
    I ate Tiger’s balls
    Now aint nobody gonna stop me never at all
    Nobody put me up against the big black wall
    ‘Cos I ate Tiger’s testimonials
    I ate Tiger’s balls.

    Neil Gaiman is judging the costume contest. The winners will get to ride the worlds largest carousel at the House on the Rock with Mr. Gaiman.
    Wish us luck.

  33. my 9 year old is going as Frodo so I needed to make him something he could safely wear to school & trick or treat in. This is what I came up with… Hobbit-Sneakers :). My project got featured on Craftster’s Facebook page today :)

    you can see them here:

    I also made his cloak but haven’t taken pix of the whole costume yet.

  34. Black graduation robe, dark sunglasses, white stick with red tip: just another case of American blind justice (Alice’s restaurant, helps if you have 8×10 glossies with circles and arrows)

  35. So many great comments, folks. I’ll be pulling some of these items as separate Boing Boing blog posts!

  36. Last year I did a bang up job of making my own Molotov Cocktease outfit.
    Black leggings with a black leotard on top worn backwards, a long red wig, some red vinyl gloves and red pieces of scrap vinyl.
    For the heart shaped eye patch, I just cut it out of an existing normal eye patch. And a dagger and gun, of course.

    The funniest part was running into a Dr. Girlfriend character while I was out walking!

    This year I’m taking a cue from Wayne’s World…”If she were a president, she’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.”
    Just a corset over a white collared shirt, suit jacket, bow-tie, top hat, beard, heels, and a mole.

    Oh Halloween, how I’ve missed you…

  37. Every Halloween in college I did the same costume: I A)draped a sheet (my regular, everyday sheet, navy blue) over my shoulders, B)set a folded-up hand towel on my head to acommodate C)a wildebeest skull on top of my head. I occasionally garnished with panflutes. As for what that costume actually WAS, I couldn’t have told you, but having an actual wildebeest skull on your head tends to satisfy people’s “no half-assed costume” desires enough that it didn’t really matter.

  38. I will be wearing dozens of tiny mops and brooms labeled “Made in India” and going as the Outsourcerer’s Apprentice.

    (Yes, I am aware that other countries are involved in outsourcing.)

    My partner will either be St. Peter Cottontail or Pope Jean Paul Gaultier, depending on how lazy we’re feeling.

  39. Sorry, just handing out candy while wearing my ‘remove the head or destroy the brain’ T-shirt and carrying my cricket bat. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

  40. Once I dressed all in black, and wore black make-up, black shoes and socks, a black hood, black gloves, and black sunglasses. I had a blinking red diode on my chest. I was ‘Being & Nothingness’.

  41. Last year my gf wore a star trek outfit and cowboy hat (Space Cowboy), and I wore a gangster suit, red tophat/suspenders/bowtie, and tommy gun with paper hearts glued onto it (Gangster of Love).

    Best costume I’ve seen so far this year: blue pants/t-shirt/sailor hat, with knotted pieces of rope attached to costume, and “Bullshit!” screenprinted on back of shirt. Who did that guy think he was?

    Captain Knots!

  42. I relish the chances I’ve had to make costumes for (and with) my daughter. She’s been Queen Amidala, Puss-in-Boots, and Batman. Lots of love, cardboard, and maché went into those outfits. And much of it in the years PGG (pre-glue gun).

    She’s old enough to take charge of her own costumes. This year she’s a self-styled “80’s exercise chick” — think spandex, leg warmers, and big hair. Nice, kid.

    One year a friend of mine wore overalls and a sailor’s hat, with freckles and a straw-white wig. There was a Campbell’s soup decal on his chest.

    Raggedy Andy Warhol.

    Wish I’d thought of that!

  43. A couple of years ago, I made my own Fembot costume – like from the first Austin Powers movie. It was fun to make – got a pink nightie from the thrift store and glued on some feathers. I made the high calibre jumblies with some cardboard and silver paint. All I was missing was smoke coming out of the barrels.

    I won 2nd place in a contest – $75 paid for the evenings festivities!

  44. So for the office costume contest this year I bought a pair of black shorts that didn’t fit me (waist size 48 I wear size 32)some old brown shoes I found at home and an XL yellow collared shirt that I had drawn a zig zag line on them with a magnum sharpie. And I went as Charlie Brown, but not just ole Chuck I also got a sheet cut it to a smaller size dyed it black and had a friend of mine sew it onto a regular white sheet (I don’t know how to use a sewing machine). I then took screen shots of scenes in It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown were he’s wearing his ghost costume and cut holes out of the top sheet similar to the ones he had. The black sheet was thin enough to see through and to simulate the black holes from the cartoon and to help obscure others from seeing me. I also had a brown paper bag with I Got A Rock written on it to drive the point home. I also removed the sheet so my coworkers could make sense of my costume if they still didn’t get it. Needless to say I was one of the 2 winners out of 10 people.

    Sorry for the long post.

  45. In college, years back, I purchased a bag of balloons, a black magic marker, and some safety pins. My roommate and I blew up the balloons, wrote the letters A, G, C, or T on them, pinned them to our clothes in an identical clockwise pattern from collar to pants hem, and went to the Halloween party as two complementary strands of DNA.

  46. If all goes as planned, I’ll be spooking people as a zombie (slightly steampunk) Amelia Earhart, using refurbished material from a baseball, bottle lids, and various trinkets for goggles. once i complete the look with an aviator cap, the fun times will begin! BRAINS! PLANES!

  47. Dress all in black, paint any exposed skin black as well. Maybe a white belt to make yourself stand out, and an ipod (or white piece of cardboard).

    Dance spastically, you are an ipod commmercial.

  48. I don’t really have time to do any Halloween stuff this year (moving…) but I figure one of these days I’m going to just slap together a quick “Blue Screen of Death” costume :P

    1. I was invited to a party with “Death” as the theme. So naturally, I am going as the Blue Screen of Death. I am in the midst of scraping a keyboard for CTRL ALT and DELETE keys.

  49. Not nearly as creative as some of the other costumes, but my 3 friends and I are going as matching Victorian-esque shepherdesses to the Fancy Dress Gaskell Ball in Oakland on Saturday night. Definitely hand made, we’ve spent countless hours each on the entire outfits from petticoats to dresses to embellishments.

    Damned if I won’t wear this costume to every event I can get away with after all that time and money.

    Also, with so many stellar sounding costumes, I think it’d make a great Boing Boing meetup at Golden Gate Park next year. I wish I could see all the different costumes!

  50. I’m going as Sputnik this year, with my boyfriend tagging along as Laika. Our flight suits are orange dicky jumpsuits with cosmonaut patches sewn onto the arms and over the heart.

    I’m taking my old, beaten up motorcycle helmet, bolting four telescoping stereo anntennae to it, and spray-painting it silver.
    He’s wearing fox ears and a tail and a bone shaped silver dog-tag that says LAIKA C.C.C.P. / CANINE COSMONAUT.

    Last year we were a clumsy knife thrower and his hapless, knife studded assistant. Here’s a picture of us with the best costume we ran into, a DIY praying mantis, complete with the head of her ex-boyfriend:

  51. A friend of mine went as an eyeball. She put papier mache over an inflated yoga ball, then popped it and cut a hole in the bottom and two for arms at the sides. She used the centre of the painted pupil to look out of and created disgusting bloody veins hanging off the back.

  52. Needed a costume in a hurry this past saturday & hadn’t a clue. Wound up with a witch hat, a pad of 45 8″ sticky notes & a sharpie. Started out with a note reading “I’m You! :-)” (aka christine o’donnell) & then left the pad & marker sitting around throughout the night. Wound up using all 45 – some very interesting results!

  53. Last year I was Teddy Roosevelt the Rough Rider. I work khaki pants, a safari jacket/shirt, boots, leather gloves, a thick leather belt over the jacket, neckerchief, and an Indiana Jones type hat with the side folded up. Only thing I purchased was the hat for $5 at CVS.

    Here’s what I was going for:

    I carried a large walking stick and stuck a teddy bear in the belt, but people still thought I was Indiana Jones even though I had no whip or leather jacket, was wearing glasses, had the mustache, and everything.

  54. Found a large Plastic/foam pumpkin that lights up at Walmart couple years back. big enough to fit over my head. Cut out the bottom to snugly fit, minor surgery to see safely through it. Tied a mantle/collar of corn husks all the way around. Few more desk jack-o-lanterns with batteries strung together with twine to sit on my shoulders and back. Hot glued black and fall-colored garland all over a black sweatshirt for the two-layer effect. Camoflage work gloves with raffia hot glued on tops. And a steel cane with garland and mini-jackolantern wired together. Pimp Daddy Pumpkin King!

  55. I went as a ladybug when I was 9 or so.

    The entire costume was two sheets of red poster board cut into ovals with spots drawn on, and some sort of felt mask with pipe cleaner antennae.

    It was so quick and cheap, and I thought I was hot shit.

    you can be almost anything quickly starting with a sandwich board…

  56. Last year my department (finance) decided on a common theme of pirates. I obliged and went as a representative of the Somali maritime industry – balclava, camo jacket over a t-shirt, Adidas track pants and white sneakers. To complete the effect I had a home-made (very realistic!!!) RPG, all-black M60 and, of course, a bandolier. I drove to the office fully dressed and surprisingly did not get pulled over or shot. Other cars did get out of my way though…… :)

  57. When I was half done with that Kermit costume, a lot of tequila at my local dive resulted in me wearing it to sing a karaoke version of “rainbow connection.”

    It’s no “Pressure”, that’s certain. In fact, I had one arm shoved inside the half-finished head because I was reading the lyrics off a smart phone.

    That was also the first time I realized that the lyrics to Rainbow Connection really match the GLBT rainbow branding. DURING the singing, of course.

  58. Some great costumes here! I freakin’ love Halloween. I live in Panama City Beach and I was thinking of going as the Oil Spill. I just need a piece of shimmery-black fabric with a rainbow sheen to drape myself in, then some toy fishes and pelicans – paint them brown and black and maybe put little Xs over their eyes and glue them on the hem. Maybe some zombie-looking makeup with big tears down my face, then a safety helmet with a BP logo to top it off. I was thinking I could print out some fake checks to pass out as BP claims as well.

    2008 – I was sexy Washington and my girlfriend at the time was sexy Lincoln:

    2009 – I was the March Hare (or White Rabbit, whichever people seemed to recognize more), my little sis was the Mad Hatter, one of our friends was “Bad” Alice, since her costume was red instead of blue, and we made our other friend be the Cheshire Cat (Really easy to pull off, black clothes, some quick ears sewn out of felt onto a headband, and a terrycloth robe belt for her tail:

  59. One of my favorite costumes was one I wore to a party full of medical interns and residents: I wore army fatigues and tied a bloody cloth around my shin- I was a Lower G.I. Bleed.

  60. Yellow slacks, orange t-shirt, red button-up shirt = Ubuntu.

    This only works because I can mentally answer the product of two arbitrary numbers before an adult with a calculator.

    (Kids: no matter what your parents say or think, this skill is absolutely useless in adult life. Better to learn to do the figures on paper or an abacus. No-one (except perhaps Google or the IRS) will ever hire you for this skill.)

  61. My best DIY costume was “The Devil’s Advocate.” I wore my best lawer-like clothes – pinstriped suit pants and vest with a blood red button down and carried a brief case with contracts for souls. I then pinned pieces of paper to the outfit that said things like “Billions of sinners can’t be wrong” and “Have a little sympathy” and “He’s really not a bad guy once you get to know him.” My friend Nick was the devil and I “represented” him all night. Great fun, and fun run ins with the slutty nuns and jesuses out and about that night.

  62. I’m going as Katy Perry from California girls (she wears a crazy dress covered in sweets) and my boyfriend is dressing like Snoop Dogg from the video – he wears a pimp suit with candy all over it. Glue gunning candy to any accessories and clothing looks really cool :)

  63. My best Halloween costume, my last year of college, was DIY, and simple (too simple): One sock, with the word “CENSORED” written on it. (The allusion to the Red Hot Chili Peppers was unintentional.) Also, aquasocks (I don’t go barefoot outside) and a bathrobe (gotta have something to flash people with, though I also just held it over my arm part of the time).

    I had been on Student Court for two years, and knew all the campus cops (all ex-NYPD, impossible to shock). So I consulted with one of them about the costume, and she said it would be okay. One of the newer cops wanted to send me home, but the officer in charge that night (who did not have a reputation as a civil libertarian) overruled him.

    I do have pictures, and no, I’m not posting them–for which you should thank me.

  64. Man, I love Halloween. It’s always a great opportunity to make something crafty and retro. Some of my favorites:

    Garbage Pail Kid card: painted a posterboard, cut a hole for my head, and attached a beheaded Cabbage Patch doll for the body, for a 3-D effect:

    Eddie Valiant with Roger Rabbit hiding in his trench coat: sewed a homemade Roger plush (with a stick to control his head movements through my pocket):

    Bob’s Big Boy: painted some white overalls checkered, ironed letters onto a shirt, Elvis wig, and found a hamburger pillow on Ebay:

    Halloween, you guys!!

  65. Thanks to the skills of my Mother-In-Law, my 9 year old son has had a series of fabulous costumes.

    This year is is going as William Shakespeare, and I’ve humiliated our poor greyhound with a Tudor style dress and “Elizabethan Collar” the past he has been everything from Teddy Roosevelt, to Napoleon (trust me – Napoleon is the perfect costume for a 2 year old!)

    Here’s a slide show of his whole Halloween history:

  66. Best costume I’m getting to make is being a Guerilla Girl. I’ve got some semi-skanky party clothes with a censor bar about women in the media (hand made) and a Gorilla mask borrowed from my friend. I’m super excited for its debut.

  67. This year I already went to a party that was super mario themed, and super DIY. They created a castle fascade outside, with a flag pole and flag you could jump up and pull down. This would change the music to the end music and trigger a fire flower to come out of a nearby 8 ft tall green pipe that shot a giant flame in the air.

    I decided to go as the original princess from the end of super mario bros. 1.. pixelated. Made it in one day (the day of the party out of felt and foam.

  68. Two 5-minute $0 costumes from years past:

    1. The guy who wears all his clothes so he doesn’t have to pay for checked baggage fees. Wore about 8 pairs of shorts/pants, 10 shirts, and 3 hats. This is a warm costume.

    2. Naked Twister. Duct tape a Twister board into a tube like a tube dress with the colors in vertical stripes. Wear shorts underneath if you don’t want to be totally nekkid and have a place for your keys. Hang the spinner around your neck. By the end of the night, four total strangers had somehow each gotten all four limbs on my spots. Consider whether you will come off as creepy before trying this. Bring extra duct tape. This is also a warm costume because the Twister mats are vinyl.

  69. My best ever costume involved a cheap black suit and a bowler hat and a bowler hat with an apple hung from the brim with a few inches of fishing line.

    I was Magritte’s Son of Man. The bowler was kinda pricey, but the rest was cheap and easy.

  70. This year I’m going to carry an old brass lantern and a(n Elvish) sword (of great antiquity) and be the adventurer from Zork.

    If I’m brave I’m thinking of carrying around a whiteboard that says “West of House” (etc.) and letting people play me.

  71. Favorite costume: A friend of my sister’s wore a men’s button down shirt(buttoned completely incorrectly) men’s boxer shorts, men’s socks with her hair and make up a mess. She was last night’s one night stand.

  72. I’m going to be Rodimus Prime. My boyfriend is going as Cyclonus. Red and purple t-shirts, respectively, with a little fabric paint embellishment and cardboard wings. And of course, a poster-board bunny helmet for him.

  73. One of the best costumes that I’ve ever seen was a pair of sunglasses and a scarf over the head for Indira Gandhi. It was utterly minimal but everyone recognized it immediately. Similarly, a white shirt and loose tie with a garden hose around the neck for Dan White. A couple came to the same party as the Klinghoffers.

  74. My most inspired costume was when I was about 10 or 11 years old. It consisted of a paper bag and a couple walkie-talkies.

    I put the bag on the doorstep with a walkie-talkie in it, then rang the doorbell and quickly hid out of sight. When the person opened their door, I said: “Trick or treat, I am the invisible man.”

    My creativity was not well rewarded. I mostly got a lot of confused adults who looked around for the source of the voice (most completely missed the paper bag), and then quickly shut the door. I didn’t get much candy that year.

    I think it could have worked if I had figured out a way to suspend the bag in midair (from the porch) with some fishing line or something, but that would have made it way too complicated.

  75. My husband and I made some cross-culture Greek monsters this year:

    I am making a Kabuki Medusa costume, complete with home-made kimono and snake geisha wig, but I’m not quite done yet (tomorrow!).

    However, my husband’s Minotaur costume with a Venetian Carnival flavour was finished tonight and we’re rather pleased. We made the bull mask from scratch, him modeling it out of cardboard and plaster and myself painting it. I made the toga as well.

    Here’s the step-by-step process for the mask:

  76. My wife and I are very pleased with our collective effort this year. We’ll be going as mixed-theme pair of Greek mythological characters. She’ll be going as a Kabuki inspired Medusa, and I’ll be a Venetian carnival minotaur. We just finished my costume and have it up on the intertubes now. Hers is soon to follow.

  77. Favorite DIY concept costume: Freudian Slip. Wear a full slip or short one with jeans. Print out a photo of Freud, tape it to cardboard oval, punch hole on bottom, and use string/chain to hang it around your neck. When someone asks, Who are you?, just hold up the mask. Surprising how many people recognize Freud!

  78. I made a cardboard Cthulu mask out of a single small box (and some duct tape, rubber bands to help with the tentaclebeard, and scotch tape) and covered it in paper towels earlier and I intend to paint it a nice shade of soul-devouring green. I might also make a necronomicon to smack people around with or read forbidden scriptures from or give to potential grovelers

  79. My personal favorite & a major crowd pleaser (I got a lot of hugs from intoxicated strangers & offers to… well, you can guess). Towelie:

    This year, I am considering mocking a costume that I know will be wildly popular & of questionable taste. I want to get a very Latin-American-looking poncho and make myself up to look like a little kid, so that I can tell people that I am a Chilean minor.

  80. Favorite Halloween costume a couple of years ago for my son was Ghost Rider Johnny Angel. My son wanted to give each house a present, so the night before we spent making paper flowers on pipe cleaners. We made angel wings out of cardboard, broke open a pillow and glued feathers all of them, put him in a leather jacket and a skull mask. So, then, my husband playing his accordion, I would sing “Johnny Angel” as my son went up to the door of each house with his bucket of paper flowers, and my son would make a gift of one of the flowers to the household. He was so thrilled giving out those paper flowers.

  81. 3 or 4 years ago I went as a ghost. I put on a sheet and hung an old touchpad computer in a hole in the front of the sheet. Then I wired it to a board camera in the back with an old video to USB cord. Opened the camera stream in windows and voila, you could see through me. The whole costume took about 20 minutes to build but people were blown away. It was a great combination of high tech and totally ghetto. Everything was held together with string and tape but it worked!

  82. This year I’m going as a death metal fan. Which is a little recursive, as I’m actually a death metal fan, but not the kind that owns the usual regalia.

    A trip to Canadian Tire for a box of 4″ smooth sided nails with respectable looking chiseled points and 8 feet of 3/16″ chain (why is all the hardware imperial? We’re in Canada) and then to Fabricland for black faux leather vinyl and velcro. Tonight it’s to the drug store for hair wax or something. I already have the outrageous and well-loved black band T-Shirt, black jeans and some black and white face paint for corpse paint… and some medieval weapons…

  83. This year, one of my children is part of a group doing Avatar: The Last Airbender (anime/manga, not the recent live action movie). She’s going as Mai. Other than cosplay sites, I couldn’t find any pre-made options, so I had to figure it out myself.

    Started with a boy’s Jedi cloak. Cut off the hood, fashioned that part into the two winged shoulders and added those to the cloak. Sewed cream-colored wide satin ribbon on to make the collar/lapels. Created a black belt with even wider black ribbon; added white stylized chrysanthemum button in the correct place on the belt. Will add white lining inside the sleeves if I find the time. Deep red mock turtleneck shirt and matching sweat pants underneath. Black knee-high socks over the lower half of the pants and my old Tai Chi shoes. Black wig for the bangs and Chinese buns…her own long dark hair underneath will hang down in front to complete the hairstyle. Wristbands (for the knives) made from coffee cup sleeves covered in tin foil. Long black gloves cut off at the first knuckle.

    No, she doesn’t appreciate me. All of her friends do, though.

  84. I’ve been busy making a Jawa costume for my son. I’m on the last step, the eyes. I’ve completely neglected myself. I might pull my old TNG uniform out so we can go as mixed-SF. I tried to get my mate to go as Tallahassee from Zombieland, but he just won’t do a costume. What’s so damned uncomfortable and difficult about putting on a friggin’ cowboy hat and carying a fake shot gun?

  85. This is the first year I’ve really gotten into costume making – I’m going as Link (ocarina). I’ve got my hand sewn tunic and hat, shirt, leggings, boots, plaster + fabric gauntlets, plastic sword, and a deku shield salvaged from the forest. I’m so stoked to wear it.

  86. Last year my friends and I went as Lady KISS. It was EPIC:

    And the year before we went as Pac-Man and Ghosts:

    I think the trick is to have friend willing to dress up in theme with you. All of these costumes were home made. Invest in a good glue gun, and you’re half-way there!

  87. I am thinking of wearing my silk Mandarin shirt, with a toy fire hat and a siren or fire truck toy and go as a Chinese Fire Drill.

  88. Whoops, sorry for our ‘double’ post: I thought my post hadn’t gone through and that I got logged out… Later found out that the site had been hacked :P

  89. I was a stick figure a couple of years ago. I dressed in full black and pinned glowsticks to myself in the shape of a stick figure. Last year I was the cookie monster, blue sweats/sweater/beanie, with 2 ping pong balls for eyes. This year I will be either a poppin fresh or an astronaut by using a white spray suit. Otherwise I will try to be a double rainbow somehow.

  90. Since this is an election year this might be applicable.

    For a party in 2008, I wanted to be something truly scary so I made a Diebold voting machine costume. I used some foam core, a touch-screen TabletPC, and hacked up a quick javascript webpage that counted votes (incorrectly, of course).

    Wish I had an iPad back then as the costume would have been a lot lighter.

  91. This year I am wearing my Mandarin silk shirt, a toy fire hat, and a siren or a toy drill and go as a Chinese fire drill :o)

  92. Stole this from an old friend:

    Renting a full tuxedo, with a huge sign hung around my neck that says, “I’m Sorry”

    I’m a Formal Apology

    1. That is phenomenal! I think something along those lines would be terrific on stage… if only I could think of a play with a giraffe in it.

  93. I managed the same one time, but the only thing I needed to get was welding goggles. It was a total last minute thing and won two bar costume contests that year. One first place, one third.

  94. I shave my head, so one year I spray-painted a jagged black stripe onto a white t-shirt, and made several speech-balloon signs with notations like “Good Grief!” and “Auuuuuugghh!” I would hold them up with the pointer at my head and make the appropriate face.

    You say it should be a yellow shirt. I hear you, but I was a daily strip, not a Sunday one.

  95. Some of my favorite costumes i’ve made include:

    Devil with the blue dress on…red body paint, horns made out of tin foil and painted red glued onto forward (this was the year i learned not to use school grade rubber cement to affix such things! go chemical burns!! i was 17, what can you do?), blue t-shirt cut up and modified to be more “sexy” and a blue mini-skirt made out of a fabric sample held together with safety pins

    Margot Tenenbaum (from the movie the Royal Tenenbaums)…not a whole lot of this costume was DIY…polo shirt dress, loafers and pink barrette from my closet, fur coat from a flea market, but i did cut my own hair for the occasion and crafted a fake wooden finger to cover my own finger out of paper and colored with a brown sharpie.

    The lucky charms leprechaun: Green jacket, blue vest and black men’s pants were thrifted, the paints were turned into knickers with duct tape, and a hat was created from a green plastic bowler hat to which i affixed a homemade shamrock on a wire (his kind of hangs off and dangles in front). I was of trick or treating age at the time of this costume so I used an empty family-size Lucky Charms box for my treat bag. Adults could turn one into a handy purse!

  96. I always do costumes last minute. . .I too am going as a tea party protester. I’m going to have fun making the signs. I want to do a portrait of Obama combining as many iconic dictator/revolutionary images as possible (Mao Hitler Che Obama?) and have tea bags stapled to a hat. My boyfriend is going as a stimulus job – he will wear a shirt with a green collar and wear a propeller hat (windmill!) with a sign that says “brought to you by the ARRA”.

    Last year I was also lazy and went as keyboard cat. I painted some cardboard to look like a keyboard and strung it across my front, wore a blue sweater, and had cat ears and whiskers.

  97. Making costumes is one of my favourite thing to do. Also I’m a perfectionist, so it’s usually bang on.

    Last year was the King of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy.
    This year is AstroBoy. Just finished the enormous vinyl boots.

    Also worth noting that I just saw a Perfect David Tennant Doctor while out shopping and it made my day.

  98. If we dress up at all, we go for handmade. This year, having learned that Halloween is a time for “scary” costumes, our son decided on making a nuclear waste barrel costume. His idea, not ours. He sewed a cylinder of yellow felt, made the nuclear hazard trefoils out of black felt and sewed those on, yellow cardboard hot-glued for the lid, a slit cut at eye-level to see out of. He looked up stress-fracture patterns on metal barrels on iStock, cut some of those in and is sewing (store-bought, ugh) glow sticks behind the “cracks” so that the “radiation” can seep out dangerously. And he’ll be easier to find in the dark. I will be taking him from house to house dressed as BP oil worker: stained mechanics coverall which already reeks of petroleum anyway, a few BP logos glued to back and chest, rubber boots, hard hat, goggles, and some black paint splashed on it all. Real oil is incredibly nasty and as a lazy mom I’d like to avoid the mess because I already do too much cleaning.

  99. Last Saturday the hubby and I went to a themed party (Terror under the big top). I was the bearded lady. Even cut my own hair to make the beard – only way to have it match – and made the costume (4 bustled skirts, chemise, all the trim, tiny top hat) myself as well. Took about 2 full weekends, since I don’t own a sewing machine.

    Closeup of my beard

    Me with the hubby at the party. He was Chappelle’s Blind Klansman.

  100. Not my costume, but kudos to the young lad I just saw in the grade school across the street from the office I work in: He was a “Lego” figurine, with a grey boxes for his torso and legs, and yellow box for a head with a little cylinder on the top and a big smiley face on the front. Awesomeness.

  101. Probably my most notable costume was guitarist “Esteban”– very easy to make, just black shirt and pants, black cowboy hat, sunglasses, sideburns, name tag reading “HELLO my name is “Esteban”, and acoustic guitar. Some people didn’t get the joke (FYI, he’s this kitschy “famous” guitarist who sells crappy Chinese made guitars on the shopping channel QVC), but it gave me a good excuse to play guitar all night, something I want to do when I get drunk anyway.

  102. My daughter wanted to be a “Gumball Machine” for halloween. Not something that you can buy really. So I stepped up and with her help created this costume. Had the rough idea of how to do it. Didn’t want to trap her in a plastic dome, so went the square route. There was a duct tape contest for halloween costumes and the red duct tape was perfect. Hacked apart an old Ikea kid’s tent for the frame. Painted 144 styrofoam balls for the gumballs with glow in the dark acrylic paints. The whole thing it pretty light, there are shoulder straps inside and a hidden bag that candy put into coin slot falls into.

    We entered it into this contest. If you think we did well please cast a vote. Should be on the site soon:

  103. Here is my DIY costume. I’m going as Tourettes Guy. I pretty much bought everything at Wal-Mart except the logo on the shirt. I couldn’t find the image so I had to recreate it in photoshop. Then I used Avery’s printable dark iron-on transfer paper to iron the image on to the shirt. The only downside to the costume is that I have 20/20 vision and those glasses are real.

  104. my favorite costume i’ve ever done:

    i made a (very realistic, apparently) pregnant belly out of lycra and poly-fil. (sort of a crude tank top with a compartment at pregnancy height.) painted my face up like a dead person. wore a black evening gown over it, and had a crown and a sash. the sash said “Miss Conception.”

    I was a dying misconception.

    i say the belly must have been realistic because several people took my boyfriend aside and said, “um, do you know your girlfriend is outside drinking bourbon?” he said, “well, yes, she’s an adult.” “but she’s 8 months pregnant!” “dude, you haven’t seen her in 2 weeks. you pregnancy has a fast forward button?” we had many many good laughs over that.

  105. My son loves Jack, the Pumpkin King. We looked at the rubber mask, and at painting the face, but none of them looked quite right. Decided to carve it out of a giant Styrofoam ball instead. His giant tie makes a perfect mask. If we had time, I’d have painted the head white so it looked more like clay and not foam, as well as found a better white cap for his head.

  106. Cardstock, duct tape, flashing pumpkin earring, wire, ribbons and paint=lighthouse hat. Modified long skirt, corset, frilly shirt.

    I’m going as Pirate Carmen Miranda.

  107. I’ll be going as Lloyd Dobler from the movie Say Anything. I’m creating fake arms with PVC skeleton and foam coverings that hold up a boombox (papercraft boombox to save on weight) and inside are portable battery powered speakers. A cord runs through the fake arms to my iphone so I can play Peter Gabriel’s IN YOUR EYES at any moment. It’s almost complete. Photos/video later today.

  108. My 10 year old is going as “Crazy Dave” from Plants vs. Zombies. Easiest costume we’ve ever made. Tupperware, plastic serving spoon handle, duct tape and aluminium foil made Dave’s saucepan head protection. Add one large t-shirt with a throw-pillow underneath for a small gut, a fake beard, and a walnut to carry, and he’s good to go. ‘Why’d I put this walnut in your hand? Because I’m crazy!” It never gets old, man.

  109. I know someone who wore all black and taped random socks, underwear and string to himself and went as Static Cling.

  110. My kids are all Star Wars. Last year they went as complimentary costumes. The two youngest were Ewoks while the oldest was an AT-ST walker that chased them all evening.
    Little Ewoks
    Big bad AT-ST

    Greatest thing about having creative kids is the costumes that they ask for. Always challenging, always rewarding.

  111. I want to borrow a bunch of kids for halloween and outfit them with Richard D James paper masks…

    And nerf baseball bats.

  112. This thread is amazing. Can we have a vote for best costume based on the photos submitted here? Wonderful work across the board.

  113. Good heavens.

    So: I am blogging as many of these as time allows.

    Rather than voting for which one is “best,” I would like to express appreciation for all of them, and for the fact that everyone here took the time to write in and share!


  114. My son has been making Lego Bionicle creatures for the last 7 years or so, but now at 12 he decided to make a d20.

    it’s made of electrical conduit, fabric, foam, and needlepoint grid all hot-melt glue and duct taped together.

    the needlepoint grid stuff, which is under the 1, is really cheap and effective for creating a 1-way window.

  115. I made an Astronaut Costume this year.

    My Spacesuit includes a working movable visor, in-helmet lighting, magnetically attached “air-hoses”, and a spacepack with built in speakers for my iPod to play some spacejams.

    Here’s a good photo:

    And a link to the rest of the set:

    The helmet is made of papier mache, bondo, and an old wetsuit.
    The spacepack is made of cardboard and includes an old boombox I took apart to fit inside.
    The rest is a painter’s suit, some gloves, and custom shoes.

  116. I made a Bender costume for my eldest (8) – he sees it as a great excuse to run around shouting “Bite my shiny metal ass!” Aw…

    The cigar is stuck on with a magnet, so is detachable. Took a couple of weeks all in. We’ve been distracting drivers and causing accidents today. Fun!

    1. Wow, here was I thinking, gosh these yanks take halloween so seriously, and then I realise from the tui beer that you are from my country.

      Awesome job!

      Go the kiwi no.8 fencing wire.

  117. My favourite low-rent outfit was being an anarchist: a scarf tied round my face, a black hoodie and a plastic bottle with a bunch of toilet roll shoved into it for a molotov cocktail.

    My most off colour one involved a knee length brown jacket from a charity shop worn over shorts to simulate nakedness, white socks with black shoes, and a bag of werther’s originals in my pocket. “What have you come as?” “I’ve got some sweeties in my pocket if you want to reach in and find out…”

  118. My neighbor and I took our kids as a pack of dalmations. We cut black felt spots and used fabric glue to attach them to white sweat pants & sweatshirts. We cut out ear shapes and glued them to white knit hats. Then we used black eyeliner pencil to color all the noses.

  119. I’m a high school math teacher, so I thought I should do something appropriate. We are currently using radians in trigonometry, so my students here me say “pi” about 100 times per class. I wore this to school on Friday. Students would look at me and say “Your a pumpkin. Why pi? Oh!” . I took a costume my mother made for my little sister many years ago and used a permanent marker to draw this on the non-jack-o-lantern side.

  120. Fleece, felt, foam, fake fur, and a hell of a lot of hot glue = Swedish Chef. It turned out pretty good, so I made a video:

    Have a great Halloween!

  121. I’m really tired of all those sexy bumblebee costumes, so I made a sexy bedbug costume. Sewed “legs” made out of brown tights and the stuffing from an old pillow and attached them to this weird minidress I found at a thriftstore. The antennae were made by my boyfriend out of baling wire and a headband. You can’t see it in the photo, but he also made me an abdomen/butt out of cardboard, tape and markers. I got mistaken for a roach a lot; but most people understood that I was as “undesirable insect”.

    And what did the boyfriend go as? A sexy bedbug exterminator! We found one of those baby harnesses at a thrift store, then plopped a fishing bait bucket in it, added some gaffer’s tape, some random tubing we had lying around and the nozzle from an old bottle of Febreze. Voila – a pesticide sprayer!

  122. This was my Zoidberg costume a few years back: I used a shower cap and a dish glove turned inside out and then cut appropriately, red permanent marker to get them the right colour, a bit of latex glue i took from another halloween kit and face paint. The glue worked really well because all night idiots kept pulling on my face tentacles and it never once came off. For the claws I cut up two red bowling pins from those kids plastic bowling kits..

  123. A couple of years ago my husband made a sort of convertible Dalek costume for our little guy. Like two people knew what he was (apparently not a Doctor Who crowd) and he scared the crud out of some of the smaller guests at the party, but it definitely counts as an epic win in my book.

  124. A couple Halloweens have since passed, but I made this mask from various plants, wire, and an old fluorescent mask to help hold it all together:

    Plant Mask

  125. I made this awesome DIY Giant Box Robot costume yesterday for my husband, although I did wear it for pictures. It took him awhile to learn to walk on stilts, but everyone loved it!

  126. Hi – her’s a quick set of pictures of my latest Disco Ball costume, Disco Ball 5.0 – every few years I make a better version & this is the best yet :-)

    I made the whole thing and have an iPod powered sound system in it :-) The video give you a sense of that…

    I’ll have full making of details on my website, soon – but if you poke around the link below you’ll find older versions and some of my other costumes :-)

  127. Now that my partner is up from Seattle, I got to take some shots of us in costume. He doesn’t have his dog-nose painted on, but here’s us as Sputnik and Laika!

    Someone said we were dressed as city workers when we were out last night, to which I said, “No! Cosmonauts!”.
    They replied, “But cosmonauts aren’t real, city workers are, so you’re city workers.”
    “What do you mean cosmonauts aren’t real?”
    “There’s no such thing as a cosmonaut!”

  128. Today my sister-in-law made herself up as BOTH Katy Perry and Russell Brand. On ONE face.

    And she made a video showing how it was done!

    It impressed us, and, frankly, scared us. We’re thinking Katy and Russell should consider not having children.

  129. I made my nine year old, gremlin-loving daughter a Stripe mask this year. She even has her own “Grimlen” (to avoid Copyright battles) site,, where she makes drawings of friends as grimlens. It’s paper mache and resin. She’s going to wear it with the claws and feet and a Snow White dress she bought…

    Hope you all dig it:

  130. I haven’t made myself a costume worth mentioning in years, but the costumes I make for my daughter are another matter. Oh my, is she cute on Halloween!

    Here are links to her Baby Owl costume she wore at 1 1/2 yrs old,

    and the Giraffe costume she wore at 2 yrs old.

    She’s three now, and requested a parrot. I’m finished with it, but there are no photos yet, so stay tuned!

  131. I went as a Chilean Miner, complete with Rescue Pod.

    Made from 2 32-gallon plastic trashcans. Except, though I could contort to fit in it, I realized I couldn’t with the hardhat/headlamp, so I had to add 12″ of a 3rd 32-gallon plastic trashcan. The mesh in the window is made from the bag that oranges come in.

  132. Having trouble signing-in, but I just wanted to say that this thread has been amazing, and I would love to see what kinds of pumpkins all these amazingly creative people are carving for tonight.

  133. My best costume ever was a Rasta Scarecrow. A friend had made a long dreadlocked wig of raffia. The rest was easy: more raffia sticking out of the collar and cuffs.

  134. Wow – I finally scrolled through this whole thread, and these are seriously great. (Those greyscale costumes are brilliant.) Where we live right now, our Hallowe’ens are pretty quiet, so I’m vicariously enjoying it through you guys. Thanks!


    Hawley Griffin, aka The Invisible Man.

    exact costume components: Black London Fog trench, a black Pendleton fedora, 3″ gauze, black DKNY dress pants I haven’t had a reason to wear in 10 years, black Catapillar half boots, and black cotton gloves. White zip tie from Walmart and a sharkskin Alfani longsleeve shirt.

    Most of the time I lounge around in boxers and a tee-shirt, trolling right wingers on the net, so it was nice to dress up. We should all dress this way more often (minus the gauze).

  136. My devil costume from a few years ago:

    1. Remove horns from toy Viking helmet and glue to shaved head
    2. Construct a Star-Trek style face mask out of plasticine and Copydex (a brand of craft glue that’s virtually indistinguishable from liquid latex). This took about a week.
    3. Colour every inch of skin red with stage makeup. Happily, makeup sticks to Copydex just as well as it does to skin.

    To top it off I borrowed a girly T-shirt from my female housemate which read “0% angel”.

  137. I add a little more to this costume every year. Cassock from eBay; pieces of cloth, origami folded into a Bishop’s mitre; voodoo rosaries; and a steel claw fashioned into a staff – with a crystal ball for added effect. A little too subtle with the zombie makeup this year…

    A neighbor “christened” me Cardinal Sin.

  138. We went as Photoshop and Illustrator (CS3 – we’re retro!). If it hadn’t been so last minute, I would’ve tried to wrangle a few more people into our Creative Suite. But then again, I don’t think anyone but my partner would have been so willing.

  139. Here’s my Mata Hari costume, worn last night:

    I made that headdress from scratch, and the bra top I assembled from a belly dance top I got off ebay, a regular bra, and a whole lotta sequins and a few crystals glue-gunned on. the jewelery and sari I also ordered from ebay and cut and arranged to my liking.

  140. I made a tree costume this yea. I took a long time making sure I could wear the sweater all year- the leaves are reversable with one side being green (spring) and one reds/oranges (autumn) in spring I’ll ad flowers! I made the hat, too, which stands pretty well despite not, you know, being made of wood.
    I think it turned out oakay.

  141. I dressed up as Laughing Cow Cheese (La Vache Qui Rit) for Halloween. Scanned in a cheese wrapper enlarged it and wrapped foil around cardboard. The earrings were made from two of the cheese packages attached to clip-on ends from a craft shop. The makeup took about a half hour to fully get off, but it was totally worth it. Got a great response from everyone who has seen it!

  142. Last year I went as a “proud parent of a first time trick-or-treater”. I basically built a 2 year old out of PVC piping and kids clothing. Went around door to door and got some fantastic reactions. I did it again this year!

  143. Here’s your two best band costumes ever, care of the world’s greatest 80’s cover/live mashup band, Blasphemous Guitars from San Diego

    2010: Oates & Oates & Oates & Oates & Oates & Quaker Oates!/album.php?aid=42786&id=131143750229026&fbid=173142352695832
    2009: Papa Smurf with Blue Man Group
    2009 video of Cyndi/Devo mashup Girl U Just Want To Have Fun

    (w/Devo costume stage invasion)

  144. I dressed as Susan Sto Helit (specifically, Susan from Hogfather): black skirt, black vest, white shirt, white hair with a black stripe pulled back into a bun, carrying a poker.

    Sadly, only three people at the party had even heard of Susan/Discworld/Hogfather.

  145. Lots of really amazing costumes here, incredible work everyone!

    This was my first year really getting into making a Halloween costume (I’m more of a slap-on-some-zombie-makeup-at-the-last-minute type) and I think I may be hooked.

    I was the incomparable Yo-Landi – and I’m frankly shocked that I’m only the 2nd one to show up in this thread:

  146. I made my son a Lego costume this year. Just took a cardboard box, taped one side closed but left open the bottom to allow him the ability to walk, glued four paper bowls upside down on the front side, cut arm holes and a head hole, and then pray painted the whole thing blue.

    He didn’t like weraing it that much, but he looked darn cute and even won our subdivision’s community costume contest.

    And, of course, since I’m a dork that way, I made myself one as well.

    1. I made Awesom-O out of boxes, used a bicycle light with a cut out water bottle over it for the light on the head, used a hanger wrapped in electrical tape for the atenna, an actual processor from inside a Sesame Street orginal Nintendo game, can opener, lots of duct tape, etc. oh-and dryer vent duct for the arms.

      Towlie was made from 2 towels stapled (not sewn) together, masking tape for white stripes and eyes and mouth were hand drawn on poster board, the arms were just plain white opera gloves, inside there was a 3 piece PVC pipe “T” to support the towel with an elastic girdle to keep it on the wearer.

  147. A couple years ago I went as a LOLcat. Made a pretty easy black cat costume (a dress and leg warmers made out of sparkley black “fur”-like material, plus cat ear hair clips (best Hot Topic purchase EVER) and a white board around my neck with a pen to write capshuns.

  148. This year I made both my brother’s and my costume for Halloween. We were sack people from the game little big planet. I sewed the costumes with the help of my sewing teacher. I made the costumes from burlap and sewed everything myself. If you go to my blog at

    you can see some pictures of us.

  149. In response to today’s photo of the impaled skateboarder, it seems that we action sports participants all think alike: check out these pictures of the costume I wore to work on Halloween. Mind you, the helmet, sling, and hospital band were all part of an actual accident that involved me, and an ATV to Ambulance evacuation back in September. However that crash didn’t include a flattened fox, a crank to the braincase, nor a zombification, Bummer.


    P.S. If you go to LMAppelbaum1 at youtube you’ll find a bloody humorous music video I composed about the actual crash.

  150. probably not too many people reading this thread anymore. I posted a rough cut of the zombie movie my family movie was making a few weeks ago. we finally finished. the cast includes only my kids(aged 4,7,8, and 8). It’s still highly entertaining even for people without kids. enjoy!

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