Sterling's Gold

sterlinggold.jpg "Sterling's Gold," the autobiography of mid-century advertising great Roger Sterling, is to be reissued by Grove Press after being out of print for 45 years. Sterling's Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man [Amazon via Kottke]


  1. Ew, kind of wish they hadn’t done this. When Roger’s vapid wife gives him the book, it’s such a sad moment: here’s the book he’s been writing all season, but Roger’s revealed himself to be such an over-the-hill, scared, assholish guy, that the gift of the book reads more like the final nail in his coffin rather than as a culmination of his life’s work. And to have that lovely visual symbol defused by actually making it a book that the show’s fans can consume, well…. it kinda banalizes one of the most suggestive moments in the show for me. And the awfulness of the self-published cover, now repeated as commercial schlock: coulda left it in the show, folks. Wasn’t the Mad Men Cocktail Mixer app bad enough?

    That said, if perhaps Jon Hamm and John Slattery et al. took turns reading an audiobook, then it might be fun, regardless of the writing!

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