DIY Hallowe'en: "Nest" Mask



In a still-growing Boing Boing DIY Hallowe'en costume open comment thread, Boing Boing reader Ian Langohr shares this photo gallery of his wicked-cool creations.

Ian is an artist and fabricator, and he explains: "I make masks for myself. I usually just wear one of them. This year I am going to wear one that I call Nest. It's sort of a self portrait."


  1. His masks are stunning. So many posts in that thread are creative and inspiring.

    I keep having to stop myself from typing “jaw-dropping” for fear of undermining praise with puns.

    Perhaps next year’s Boing Boing picnic should be a costume party?

    1. Ian!
      I didn’t realise you were a boinger.

      As always, your work is awesome

      When I see you next, you’d better be wearing one of these masks. “But Halloween was 5 months ago” is not an excuse. This mask is too cool to only wear once a year!


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