DIY Hallowe'en: William Shakespeare


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  1. feuilletoniste says:

    Great to see the bicorn hat being reused – for Napoleon, a revolutionary war soldier, a pirate… My mum has always been a fabulous costume maker. She really inspired my sister and me with the DIY aesthetic – I think my favourite part is coming up with clothing items which you KNOW can be used in different contexts. The winners so far are a blue circular skirt which has been used for a hobbit, Anastasia Romanov, and Alice in Wonderland, and a puffy-sleeved blouse which was the undershirt of a multi-layer medieval outfit, a more practical Eowyn shirt, and then a super-duper pirate top. What will they become next?

  2. corestrength says:

    Just wonderful. The kids pose and facial expression are priceless.

  3. Anonymous says:

    *glares at image for a while*
    The dog looks really photoshopped… :/

  4. kenahoo says:

    Elizabethan Collar. That’s rich.

  5. wasagooze says:

    That’s my son.

    The dog is photoshopped in, but only because I didn’t have a photo of them together yet. That IS our dog (her name is Mabel), and we did make her costume too!

  6. TomDArch says:

    Very cool! But if that greyhound wasn’t photoshopped in, then the kid would be about 6′-6″ tall! You’ve accidentally scaled the greyhound precisely to Whippet scale…

  7. InsertFingerHere says:

    Had to look twice. THAT is the dog’s tail.

  8. jaytkay says:

    Best. Mother. In. Law. Ever.

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