DIY Hallowe'en: William Shakespeare


In the fun-filled Boing Boing DIY Hallowe'en Costume thread, a reader says,

Thanks to the skills of my Mother-In-Law, my 9 year old son has had a series of fabulous costumes. This year he is going as William Shakespeare, and I've humiliated our poor greyhound with a Tudor style dress and "Elizabethan Collar."

In the past he has been everything from Teddy Roosevelt, to Napoleon (trust me - Napoleon is the perfect costume for a 2 year old!)

Here's a slide show of his whole Halloween history.


  1. Great to see the bicorn hat being reused – for Napoleon, a revolutionary war soldier, a pirate… My mum has always been a fabulous costume maker. She really inspired my sister and me with the DIY aesthetic – I think my favourite part is coming up with clothing items which you KNOW can be used in different contexts. The winners so far are a blue circular skirt which has been used for a hobbit, Anastasia Romanov, and Alice in Wonderland, and a puffy-sleeved blouse which was the undershirt of a multi-layer medieval outfit, a more practical Eowyn shirt, and then a super-duper pirate top. What will they become next?

  2. That’s my son.

    The dog is photoshopped in, but only because I didn’t have a photo of them together yet. That IS our dog (her name is Mabel), and we did make her costume too!

  3. Very cool! But if that greyhound wasn’t photoshopped in, then the kid would be about 6′-6″ tall! You’ve accidentally scaled the greyhound precisely to Whippet scale…

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