Important day in history!

Today marks the 41st anniversary of the first time humans had a frustrating interaction with the Internet. CR4 recounts the historic moment: "On October 29, 1969 at 10:30 PM, UCLA Professor Leonard Kleinrock and graduate student Charley Klein tried to send a message with the word "log" to SRI's Augmentation Research Center. Although programmers at SRI received the letters "lo", the ARPANET connection crashed before the "g" arrived."


  1. Voicemail message:

    “Yeah, I sent you a message through arpanet, did you read it yet? Just checking, uhhhh… call me back to let me know you read it, okay? Alright, talk to you later, umm, bye.”

    So it was also the first voicemail message left to see if someone had checked their email yet.

  2. This happened because they were sending the ‘login’ command and the receiving system’s autocomplete mechanism tried to fire back ‘gin’ after the sender typed ‘log’. The test was a success, and was one step on the path of getting the growing number of diverse computer systems inter-communicating.

    It’s a myth that The Internet was created to withstand nuclear attack, the real story is someone at the pentagon wondered why he needed individual terminals in his office to speak to each different mainframe.

    “Where Wizard’s Stay Up Late”, a great book that tells the whole story, includes firsthand accounts of the events in this article.

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