Steampunk short stories in the style of classic steampunk tales

Eileen Gunn sez:
Last summer the immortal Michael Swanwick offered to write a story a day for the 42 days of the Clarion West Writer's Workshop . If you donated $10 to Clarion West, you could get your name (or your cat's) in a story written especially for you by Mr. Swanwick. (See Immortality for $10, courtesy of Michael Swanwick.) But 46 people sent money, four over limit. What to do? Clarion West offered the final four either a refund or a story each by me, Eileen Gunn. Courageously, they all accepted, and sent me their names and some personal details.

I wrote four steampunk stories, each in the style of a different formative steampunk tale. is now publishing them, one a day for the next four days, and has commissioned remarkable illustrations for each tale by artists Fyodor Pavlov and Lawrence Gullo. The first story, A Different Engine is up today.

Steampunk Quartet (Thanks, Eileen!)


  1. The Battle of Water Pump Hill

    Scene 1: It was an Autumnal evening in Cragdale. On water pump hill and Anthanus and Mr Fungus was taking tea. Mr Mungo and Basil Coilspring were taking Steinbot monster through his battle plan. Augustus blood pump was sleeping in his brass coffin. It was late Victorian era. And evening tea was the height …of sophistication. Which was odd for gangsters but these weren’t you’re everyday gangsters. They were gentlemen gangsters. Though somewhat clumsy. Which is why they had a robot and a steampunk vampire fighting for them. Whoever monster won they got control of the water pumping station. To the dismay of professor Hicks. Who’s pumping station it was but lost Ht in a game of black jack at the gangster’s casino? And the Coilspring brothers not to be left out wanted it too. Being useless at fighting for themselves hired the services of Steinbot and Augustus.

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