DIY Hallowe'en: Astronaut


In the Boing Boing DIY Hallowe'en Costume thread which could not possibly be any more awesome, Boing Boing reader Joonce says,

I made an Astronaut Costume this year. My Spacesuit includes a working movable visor, in-helmet lighting, magnetically attached "air-hoses", and a spacepack with built in speakers for my iPod to play some spacejams.

Here's a good photo. And a link to the rest of the set.

The helmet is made of papier mache, bondo, and an old wetsuit. The spacepack is made of cardboard and includes an old boombox I took apart to fit inside. The rest is a painter's suit, some gloves, and custom shoes.


  1. “In-helmet lighting” is a trope that has always bugged me, in every space movie ever made. Just what an astronaut needs – a bright light shining in their eyes for no apparent purpose. Similar to every nighttime shot of people driving in a car – mysteriously illuminated by hundred-Watt dash lights.

  2. Some say that his helmet is made out of bondo, and he likes peaceful walks in the forest.

    All we know is he’s called The Halloween Stig.

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