DIY Hallowe'en: Minecraft Creeper


8 Responses to “DIY Hallowe'en: Minecraft Creeper”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Strikes terror in my heart! Look at all the effort this fellow went to in painting his costume.

  2. hadlock says:

    We had two different, completely independent people show up as creepers last night at our party


    Pfffffffffffffff… BOOOM!

    I hate those guys, really.

  4. Bergeboy says:

    Scariest costume I have seen yet!

  5. Mantissa128 says:

    “A middle-aged man was taken into custody this Halloween evening after assaulting a trick-or-treater with a sword. The green-costumed child was not seriously injured and was released from hospital later after being treated for minor lacerations.

    ‘I acted instinctively’, he claimed. While being arrested the man became agitated and had to be subdued after seeing another child dressed in a skeleton costume walk by.

    An officer who would not be named stated the accused asked if the holding cell was ‘fashioned from obsidian’.”

  6. C White says:

    Initially I thought they were trying to go as Underworld’s ‘Everything, Everything’ album cover.


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