DIY Hallowe'en: Chilean Miner with Rescue Pod

miner1.jpgFrom the Boing Boing DIY costume thread, Boing Boing reader planettom says,

"I went as a Chilean Miner, complete with Rescue Pod."

"Made from 2 32-gallon plastic trashcans. Except, though I could contort to fit in it, I realized I couldn't with the hardhat/headlamp, so I had to add 12" of a 3rd 32-gallon plastic trashcan. The mesh in the window is made from the bag that oranges come in."


  1. Pretty funny, but how do you move? Looks like it would be easiest to put casters on the bottom and roll yourself from place to place

    1. Yeah, I was thinking, with a little spraypaint, I could retask it on future Halloweens — time machine, THE FLY teleportation chamber, etc.!

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