DIY Hallowe'en: His and Hers Tardis and Dalek


From the Boing Boing DIY costume thread, Anonymous says, "We went as a TARDIS and a Dalek!"


  1. Cute, very cute :-) But I think they should have switched costumes. I were a cute girl I’m not sure if I would dress up as a box famed for being larger on the inside than on the outside =:-o Er, or maybe I would :-)

  2. Who (over 30 yo.) would not sacrifice for one more Halloween night as a college freshman with a sci-fi date. Pass me a PBR tallboy.

  3. Love it. Although I’m a bit surprised that no one’s designed a full body airport scanner costume yet.

  4. That would be a really cool pair of costumes if he was a midget and she was on a Woman’s basketball team.

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