Pastafarians Represented at Sanity/Fear Rally


A smorgasbord of signs that resembled T-shirt slogans popped up at the Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear. Buzzfeed assembled a top 100 list from Flickr, many of which involve mild visual jokes, such as "Spelling C(o)unts," and "Obama Is Not the Devil, I Am" (carried by a man in a devil suit). Our lord and pasta, the great noodly appendaged one, had his followers present. I wonder how many signs were paraphrased from BustedTees, and how many will wind up on such shirts in the next few days?

Image by Rick Webb, used with permission.


  1. Heh wasnt it divisive rhetoric like this that essentially ridicules religion that the Rally was supposed to be against?

    1. No, the rally’s against divisive over-reactions to fun rhetoric like this.

      Pastafarianism isn’t ‘ridicul[ing] religion’, either; it ridicules the political/educational movement of creationism. Creationists claim that it isn’t religiously-motivated at all, but the only hypothesis they offer just happens to match up perfectly with the Christian god.

      1. Heh I guess the FSM just seems like a tired old joke to me that has lasted way too long..and been adopted by way too many.

        It may have initially been to ridicule the teaching of creationism in school, but has been rallied behind by atheists to poke fun at Christian belief.

          1. Well, I suppose. But the FSM always seemed to me to simply be the latest replacement for the Invisible Pink Unicorn or the Church of the SubGenius — would kids even recognize J. R. “Bob” Dobbs these days?

  2. We were there and saw 2 people independently wearing fullsize FSM costumes, plus a woman in a knit-or-crocheted FSM hat.

      1. Okay, make that at least THREE full-size FSM costumes in attendance, because that’s one I didn’t see.

  3. I also saw signs of many other internet memes among the crowds: Several Antoine Dodson -ish messages, two xkcd/Wikipedia [citation needed] signs, a Mooninite with “1/31/07 Never Forget”, LOLspeak,
    “Repeal Rule 34!”, several signs honoring the hypnotoad…

  4. I still think the pastafarian gag is funny – along with “Charles Darwin has a posse”. They’ll be funny as long as it takes to restore some sanity.

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