2600 Magazine on the Kindle

2600 Magazine's Emmanuel Goldstein writes, "2600, the hacker magazine published on paper since 1984, has taken the plunge into the digital realm at long last with a Kindle edition of the current issue. This is the first in a series of steps into digital publishing for 2600. All kinds of other platforms and formats are being explored. There have already been some issues with Amazon, namely the inability for 2600 to offer full subscriptions due to really bad terms for magazine publishers on Kindle as opposed to book publishers. Also, there's a glitch in the UK site's search engine - if you don't know the exact URL of the 2600 selection, you won't ever find it. These are among the growing pains of the new technology."


  1. Dang!

    Kindle only? Has someone kidnapped Goldstein and replaced him with a surgically altered Pisano?

    /not-so-happy mutant

  2. Wow finally – I figured I’d never see it off paper, because hard-copy publishing is mostly immune to hacking, and 2600 always seemed like it would be such a fat target… course I don’t have a Kindle, but the first one I find in the dumpster I’m there!

  3. I’m starting to warm up to digital publications (particularly the beautiful and interactive EGMi – http://www.egmmag.com/) which are probably optimally enjoyed on a tabled PC, but I still enjoy them on my 22″ monitor. I’m not big on the idea of publishing in a proprietary vacuum like the Kindle marketplace, though. I’m a subscriber of 2600 and would love to have access to some sort of a searchable, web-based repository that works from any open device.

  4. Someone has to be able to reach Mr. Goldstein and explain the value of creative commons to him. 2600 in particular would seem like an ideal property for creative commons eBooks.

  5. Is this in that encrypted Kindle bullshit Mobi format? If so: it’s all kinds of wrong that 2600 Mag is on that defective-by-design assjack Kindle and not being distributed as an unencrypted epub book.
    2600, your kung-fu is weak. You fail.

  6. Kindle DRM is pretty easy to break, or so I’ve heard anyway *coff* ;)
    But I think I’ll still keep subscribing to the paper version.

  7. > Anon
    > Kindle DRM is pretty easy to break

    This is not the point. I refuse to pay for something that I have to break into to use how I want.

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