Choosy Phones Choose Glif

The Kickstarter crowdfunding for Glif, an iPhone 4 tripod adapter, is a few hours from ending. The two designers hoped to raise $10,000 over 30 days to fund a few hundred production units of low-volume injection molding and break even. Instead, their total is closing on $135,000 with over 4,500 people paying $20 for what will be higher-finish first run model, and over 500 for that plus a 3D-printed model that will be sent shortly after funding closes. Glif involves nearly every current Internet buzzword, and it's cool to boot. I interviewed Dan and Tom, Glif's designers, for the Economist a few days into their project. Nice guys, and good luck on shipping!


  1. Looks great – maybe next time try to Boing Boing Kickstarter projects while there’s still time to sign up?

  2. The Glif is great-looking, but you do have to take your phone out of its case to use it and you can only use the iphone 4 with it. I work for a company called PC Treasures and we just came out with a product called the Grippit, which lets you attach any phone to your tripod and you don’t have to remove it from it’s case. Also, it’s ten bucks cheaper. You can scope it out here:

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