IT Crowd Box Set has no region, can be viewed anywhere

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Here's a sneaky fact that's fun to know: the UK-only special edition boxed set of the IT Crowd (which comes complete with its own awesome tabletop RPG) is set to Region Zero, which means that it will play on any DVD player, even those outside the UK. What's more, Amazon UK will ship it to anywhere in the world -- so Americans and other exotic foreign types can get a usable copy no matter where in the world you reside. (The IT Crowd DVD extras are wicked fun -- things like leet subtitles and 8-bit RPG extras!)

The IT Crowd - Series 1-4 Special Edition Box Set [DVD] (Thanks, anonymous source!)


  1. Just because it is region 0 does mean it is playable on every DVD player – but it does NOT mean it is playable on every TV! There is still PAL and NTSC to deal with. It’ll work nicely on a computer/laptop.
    Caveat Emptor!

  2. Region code is only half the battle. This box set is PAL format, which means your player needs to be able to handle this. Most computer players can do (but not “any” DVD player), standalone not so much. (The standard in US is NTSC.) Now that was geeky, wasn’t it?

      1. Umm, let’s see if you get this: pre-HDTV televisions in the US follow a standard called NTSC, which is different from the standard followed in the UK (PAL). The signal is wrong, so the TV won’t understand it. Rebooting the DVD player will not magically allow the TV set to understand a different signal scheme and display a different aspect ratio.

        1. Err, the content of the dvd is digital. As such, it should be convertible to fit any format imaginable in the fly by the player. But then digital content formats have been shitty from day one, even tho the physical media they come stored on have potential. For instance, i am more interested in blu-ray as a upgrade from dvd-r(w) then for “hd video”.

  3. But won’t most stand-alone US DVD players not be able to play them because they are in PAL format and not NTSC? (I think you would still be able to play them on your computer, though.)

  4. As far as I remember the box I got only had Season 3 and 4 region free, Season 1 and 2 were Europe… As I am at work right now I cannot check.

  5. Going to buy now! From a quick look around, it appears these should play on an XBox 360 despite being PAL (though this is just from forum chatter, so could be wrong). I’d actually been considering ordering anyways (ie. even if I wouldn’t be able to use the DVDs), just to support a great show I’ve, er, somehow managed to watch. It’s a clear decision now that the shows will be watchable.

    Good find!

  6. US$40.00 or so and the URL for and one can buy a new DVD player that will play anything from anywhere, along with DivX and avi files. Oh, and don’t forget the USB port for flash drives and external hard drives.

    So that pretty much renders the whole ‘Won’t Play in Region One’ thing rather moot.

  7. Well, that’s cool. I’m getting the box set from the UK and thought I’d finally found a use for my region free DVD player (which I bought on principle).

    But of course, I’ll most likely rip the DVDs and stream from my computer anyway, so the DVD player will still just sit there doing nothing…

  8. Uhm… not true.

    I ordered this a few weeks ago, it’s Region 2, will not play in my DVD player, only on my laptop.

  9. Why is it that all European TVs, VCRs and DVD players built in approximately the last ten years can play both PAL and NTSC without any problems while all the comments here seem to point to the fact that US TVs, VCRs and DVD players can’t?

  10. They don’t come with the board game, but seasons 1-3 have had legitimate US DVD releases and season 4 comes out in December. You might just want to wait!

  11. I bought this from and it was region 2. I have no problem with Pal, but the region was an issue.

  12. I have the new box set. We have two DVD players, top one is for US and bottom for the UK.

    I noticed the kids put it in the top DVD player which is a Region-1 only player and it played. I meant to investigate but I forgot. Now the mystery is solved!

    I hate region coding almost as much as I hate DMCA

    Cheers Nigel

  13. Pah! Fat lot of good being able to play a foreign DVD here will be. How the hell are we supposed to understand the menus?

  14. You say Region 0 but the listing on Amazon still says Region 2 – doesn’t anybody have verification?

  15. PAL

    Seasons 1 and 2, Region 2
    Seasons 3 and 4, Region 0

    Bought it for the RPG, and the fact that I pirated these seasons to watch them originally, so I don’t really care if they play, but I will likely find a way to play them later.

  16. Completely untrue. Discs one and two are region two, and won’t play on any of my DVD-playing devices. Seasons 3 and 4 are region-free. It’s like geeks got angry after the first 2 DVDs, but they didn’t go back and fix the originals.

  17. So, I guess this is my bad, but I bought this thinking it would play — and only got seasons 3 and 4. to whom should I address my complaint, and a request for 50% of my money back ? The bodies responsible for the DVD region nonsense ? Mr. Doctorow for posting incomplete information ? Or myself, for going out and spending money based solely on a blog post ? I’m going to go with blaming myself for now, but I am quite disappointed, I bought this as a gift.

  18. Hi there – trying to get my hands on this set. I ordered it back in January from amazon uk but now they say they are no longer working with that manufacturer because of a rise in prices. I have looked everywhere I know of in US and can’t find it and the few places I know of in UK (like Tesco Entertainment, etc) all say out of stock. There are a few people selling it on Amazon marketplace but they are robbing people blind – charging 50 to 200 pounds. Any suggestions out there? I am not rich and can’t afford to pay $100 usd for a dvd set, you know?
    Thanks, Gamester Girl

  19. They won’t allow me to order it today and ship to Canada. Who cares about the regions. I want the bloody RPG game!

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