South Park cosplay


LA Weekly reporter and former BB guestblogger Liz Ohanesian says,

I was at Long Beach Comic Con last weekend. Funny thing is that we don't usually see much in the way of South Park cosplayers, but, this time, there were two guys dressed as Terrance and Phillip. They did a good job.
Liz's report is here, with lots of great photos.


  1. What makes “cosplay” any different from dressing up and acting? Is everyone on Halloween a “cosplayer?”

    Why couldn’t this report have just said “two guys dressed up as Terrance and Phillip and had some fun?” Its no different from what people have been doing for decades. People don’t have to suddenly turn into “cosplayers” just because that’s the new word used at comic cons. Or am I missing something?

    1. My three-year-old daughter has a pink cardboard chest containing several costumes, wigs, and even (regrettably) a tiara or two.

      What the mostly-grown-ups have been calling “cosplay” she still refers to as “playin’ dress-up.”

      I imagine the term “cosplay” is meant to connote some higher level of sophistication than “playin’ dress-up,” and I don’t really have a problem with that, but I kinda wish somebody could have coined a less dorky-sounding term than “cosplay.”

  2. @SamSam- Well, I think these guys are referred to as cosplayers because they were at a convention. You, of course, are allowed to call them anything you want to.

    @Donald Petersen- It sounds dorky because it’s a Japanese coinage using English words. Like Pokemon.

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