Banksy stencil-art Hallowe'en costume

Craft writes up the making of George Schnakenberg's astounding Banksy "Flower Thrower" graffiti costume, which transformed its wearer into a living piece of iconic stencil-art.

Amazing Banksy "Flower Thrower" Costume

Banksy tag in Schnakenberg's Flickr stream

(Image: George Schnakenberg)


  1. a friend of mine did this for halloween, I thought it was sweet (I think he did a better job too, especially with the pants). If I get his permission I will post a pic later.

  2. Imagine the nerdgasm if Banksy himself actually went around dressed like that. Photos of him posing would fetch thousands of dollars.

  3. I think it’s really cool – the post with the grayscale costumes got a lot of responses, but I think this is better. Of course, the people you run into have to be familiar not only with Banksy but with this particular image – I’m fairly familiar with Banksy but didn’t know this one, though the style is unmistakable.

  4. Unfortunately, shortly after this photo was taken…some idiot decided to coat the costumer in gray paint to stop this type of ‘fashion vandalism’

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