Idolatry coupon for Black Friday

From the Boing Boing Flickr pool, This is My Name's anti-consumerist holiday graphic from 2009, which is also apparently available in sticker form.



  1. I would actually buy this ox for a pretty cool paper weight. Or two for book supports. Or three for door stops around the house. Or four…

  2. I find it amusing that an “anti-consumerist” who says “Spread the love and share this with your local gluttonous consumers!” would also disable downloading of the image and say “All rights reserved”

  3. I’m assuming the original piece was posted from your iPhone. Or your iPad. Or your laptop. Or your netbook. Or your (insert whiz-bang game console here).

  4. Idolatry! Avarice! Your already empty soul!

    This seems like a highly religious message. The biggest giveaway, though, is that it’s trying to discourage people from doing things they enjoy.

    1. @Rayonic: “it’s trying to discourage people from doing things they enjoy.”

      Standing in line at Walmart with a bunch of thugs at 4am? Saving money on things you don’t need or even want? Good times.

      1. Clearly people do enjoy the stereotypical Black Friday rush, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. I don’t do it myself, but if you use a little imagination you can see the appeal.

        First there’s all the waiting, anticipation, and perseverance. Maybe some socialization with fellow campers. Support from family/friends (material support and/or collaboration). It’s a bit like actual camping in these respects.

        Then the time comes with the mad rush and excitement and competition. Snatching up prizes in the form of (presumably) deeply discounted items. These are things they want, either for themselves or for gifting purposes, otherwise why buy them? The pretext of a sale simply gives an excuse to buy these items right then and there.

        Afterward there’s the afterglow. Satisfaction thinking of all the money you theoretically saved, that you’ve gotten a significant chunk of Xmas shopping done, and relief that its all over. Heck, you might even get a few good stories out of it.

        But hey, if you really want to be a killjoy about it, why not print out a bunch of these coupons and hand them out to people waiting on Black Friday morning? I’m sure they’ll see the light. Also, have a friend upload the results to Youtube.

    2. …trying to discourage people from doing things they enjoy.

      Or maybe just encouraging people to reflect on how much joy they actually get from the things they purchase.

  5. However ironic it may be, I gotta agree that bull is pretty bad ass and I want one.

    Not necessarily to buy. I might just hafta draw my own bovine gods.

  6. NICE! It is pretty easy to print your own stickers, you don’t need to buy them pre-printed. You can probably swipe some sticker paper from work! I know I can.

  7. Wait a second. . .if my soul is already empty: how can I get 50% off? What’s half of nothing??

    oh. right.

  8. Cute and funny but I think I’m gonna’ have to call “BS” on this one.

    If it weren’t for business, the author of the post wouldn’t have a computer to type on- nor an internet to post it on. A little “grown up” thought would serve them well.

    But, yeah. The bull is really cool :)

  9. Indeed, that ox is exceptionally bad ass.

    Is it hypocritical of me to therefore want one, based upon seeing its image on that silly coupon?

  10. I made this as a goof actually. A few years ago at a local mall, a man lost his life when he was trampled to death while he and a crowd of hundreds of others stormed a local electronics store when the doors opened on Black Friday. I live in an area where life seems to be more about what you drive and what you wear than who you are as a person, etc… We are all consumers, myself included, that’s unavoidable and necessary. My message was intended to point out the obsession that some people have with brand names, useless products, excessive spending, etc…nothing more. Someone losing their life over a great deal on a flat screen t.v. isn’t funny. I was trying to point out how some people are blinded by their own greed and obsession. The key word is: excessive. Granted, I didn’t include that in this piece, oh well…

  11. Nice! I did this back in the 90’s. Printed out little coupons from Golden Calf Products or something like that. Put on a jacket and tie and handed them out to people in front of Union Square Macy’s until security told me to leave. Went down the corner to Neiman Marcus and continued til I got bored and then my remaining stack of coupons on a display in the entrance.

    I remember sending it out to SF Cacophony, when we communicated with these things called listservs. Good times.

  12. As far as the religious references, yes that is intentional. I wanted to point out how some people seem to worship name brands, etc… I was sort of expanding on another project which can be found here: /

    I’m not trying to be a killjoy, I’m making an observation. Also, I have already printed out a bunch and handed them out last year. Also, the stickers are free, I’m not charging for them. The calf is an image I found online and used, appropriation.

    Thanks for the criticism and the praise. I’m not taking my art all too serious, neither should any one else.

  13. all too often are we possessed by our possessions! Few people realize it, too. It seems to get most of us dead in the subconscious… Can you free yourself of slavery to the material? It’s a beautiful thing. OK….I’ma go buy a fur coat.

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