Plushie mutant artwork of Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams's extraordinary textile artworks blend tentacles, felted bunnies, and miscellaneous anatomical bits and pieces to makes something that looks like Hellraiser crossed with the plushie aisle at Toys R Us. I like it. A lot.

X03/ZOE WILLIAMS (via Geisha Asobi)


  1. Holy crap, Zoe got boingboinged!

    We went to the same high school and university.

    I really love the mutant bunnies and have been waiting to ask if I could buy one when I had the money.

    Her pencil work is also amazing, highly technical, clean, and precise.

  2. The craftsmanship of the work is really incredible. I was able to see one of her shows recently and was struck by how the details are clean and finished. Alot of care and freakiness in her work.

  3. I don’t like the mutant bunnies. I have a bunny at home, and I love her very much, and it makes me sad to think about bunnies whose genetics goes wrong like that. I’m into the abstract artworks, or artworks with a hopeful message, but nothing that makes me feel as bleak as when I think about the lives of bunnies grown as monsters.

    So no sir, I don’t like it.

    1. They’re not mutant bunnies, they’re bunny-textured projections from a dimension of infinite cuteness into our universe. Don’t touch them or you’ll be drawn into the hugz horizon and never escape!

  4. The first teleportation attempt of a live specimen utilized a box of bunnies… Many lulz were had.

  5. Yes Yes 100 times Yes. I’m a (Chinese Zodiac) Rabbit. I’m even white. . .not quite as deformed as these particular bunnies but. . . .

    I Approve.

    “Watership Down Represent!” Gettin’ straight Zorn on y’all hlessi! (not really. . .)

  6. I don’t think it is “Watership Down Represent!”

    More like “Videodrome Bunnyland” Long live the new hare flesh?!?!

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