Goldfish (eye candy from the Boing Boing Flickr pool)


"Goldfish," a digital composition and found image remix contributed to the Boing Boing Flickr pool by reader Flamenco Sun.


    1. Another problem with the goldfish is the lack of chroma change towards aquamarine(due to being in water < ?> behind thicker glass, never mind the black and white).
      I see this as another reason for the need to re-introduce the general study of physics into the art and design curriculum.

  1. That poor goldfish’s fins are fucked – they shouldn’t be frayed. Get some meds in that spacesuit stat. Or next time extract it better.

    That is all.

    1. You’re assuming that I did this in Photoshop. I don’t have Photoshop. This was done in Powerpoint. I’m not sure why certain people are more interested in the executional technicalities rather than the artistic concept. It was an idea I had, and I did it with the only tools available to me. In fact, I like the fact I have to battle with a tool that really isn’t meant to do stuff like this and is standard office kit for most people.

  2. “I’m not sure why certain people are more interested in the executional technicalities rather than the artistic concept.”

    Who gives a shit how good your ideas are if you can’t pull them off? You don’t get a free pass to produce crap just because it’s “art.”

  3. I like having that free pass. It got me featured on Boing-Boing twice in a day. As a decade-long Boing-Boinger, it’s a bit of a thrill I can tell you.

  4. People edit photos in Gimp and call it “Photoshopping.” Heck, you could have used MS Paint for all I care. It’s not the tool that makes the art, it’s the artist. A good photographer can get a better shot out of an oatmeal box camera than a poor photographer with a whole studio of equipment. Likewise, a good Photoshopper can get the job done with inferior tools.

    As to the “concept,” the fish in a spacesuit has been done many times before.

    As for getting on BB, good job. Noone can take that away from you. Don’t let any of these comments discourage you. Do realize that people read this who do this for a living and have eyes trained to quickly pick out problem areas, so they will comment according to how they see it. If you are doing it for fun, the fun is all that matters.

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