Egypt keeps blogger in jail past release deadline


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  1. Jeff Vader says:

    and hey! what?, 2nd time. There was a comment here a moment ago to which I wanted to respond to. By the time I signed in it was gone. where’s *my* delete button?

  2. mindysan33 says:

    I didn’t expect they’d let him out. Mubarak’s Egypt is pretty much like that. But he does whatever we say, so we just kinda let it go. Who cares if Egyptians are getting tortured and jailed for speaking their minds, as long as they enforce the Gaza blockade! Why do we keep supporting despots!?! It’s so infuriating!

    Maybe it got removed? What was the comment? Was it offensive?

    • Jeff Vader says:

      heres the thing: I can see how people get sent to prison in bogus ways while still maintaining the appearance of legality (i.e. “you go to prson for breaking a law that is unconstitutional in itself, but we dont care”), but just keeping them locked up after they served their court-appointed time – they’re not even trying to appear just, are they?

      re the disappearing comment: nah, IIRC it missed the above point. wasn’t offensive i think.

      • mindysan33 says:

        That’s authoritarianism for ya. From what I hear, Egypt is pretty bad on this kind of thing. Just want to keep “bad” elements under wraps so the tourist don’t go away. I think they are afraid of the “Islamic radical” element taking hold. I don’t know if a new guy would help or hurt (as I’ve heard Mubarak is actually sick and could die soon).

        Hm. Wonder why it went away then.

  3. Jeff Vader says:

    Hey! What? No comments, no follow-up? whats the dealy-o? Seems like an interesting story to me…

  4. ADavies says:

    They’ve got a counter on their site (which you can easily add to your WordPress blog). 1,463 days in jail and counting. Poor guy.

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