Zoo City: hard-boiled South African urban fantasy makes murder out of magic


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  1. WombatSam says:

    Moxyland and Zoo City are both available from the publisher’s website http://angryrobotstore.com as cheap, DRM-free e-books with no geo-locking.

    As much as I loved Moxyland, Zoo City is the real deal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of SA’s finest! With a great cover to boot!

  3. Znaps says:

    Since my post appeared after the covers information, I’d like to make a second post about the covers.

    I’m somewhat conflicted;
    On the one hand, I find the white cover sublime. Absolutely wonderful.
    On the other, rather than the explicit content of the colour cover, the fact that it shows black people, black faces on the cover, in a book which is not centrally consciously black*, is great.

    *which is to say this is a story where race is not raised as a key issue, or which revolves around race.

  4. Marco @ Angry Robot says:

    Thought I should clarify where to find the book, cos ZOO CITY exists in a few different editions around the globe.

    ZOO CITY was first published July 2010 in Lauren’s native South Africa by the lovely folks at Jacana. (White cover edition)

    UK edition – White cover, published September 2010 by Angry Robot (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com)

    US edition – John Picacio colour cover edition will be published December 26th by Angry Robot/Random House (Amazon.com)

    EBooks and Kindle editions available in all the usual places right now.

  5. VoxExMachina says:

    This makes me happy. I read Moxyland and it’s great to see that the author has continued to improve her craft.

  6. Doran says:

    Lauren Beukes is a favorite of mine. I loved both Moxyland and Zoo City. She’s created a weird parallel society where armor-wearing penguins are just another fact of life. Fun, fun read.

  7. blkhawk says:

    This title is not available for customers from your location in: Europe

  8. Znaps says:

    I’m a massive fan. Loved Moxyland, picked up Zoo City and loved it almost as much.

    Took me a little time to get with the momentum of the book, but a great read.

  9. jenjen says:

    The Kindle edition has the black cover, and it’s currently (as of Friday Nov 5) only $3.99. Which I suppose I should feel guilty about.

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