Namco Music Quiz!


"Pac-man's skeleton" by Le Gentil Garçon, in collaboration with François Escuilié, palaeontologist

Twaggies presents a quite impossible quiz that should tax even the hardest-core retrogamers. The subject: musical scores from arcade and video games by Namco, one of the golden-age greats from Japan. Test your knowledge after the jump!


  1. 23%. (Hangs head in shame.) I blame my mother.

    I would have aced this if it had been a “Namco songs from Katamari Damacy levels” quiz, though.

  2. 53% with no prior experience with any of those games! (Well, except pac-man which I got wrong… go figure!)

  3. 92.3% – I knew that spending 1000s of hours playing games would one day give me immense rewards! Only one I missed was Steel Gunner.

  4. 53 percent. My weak defense is that I was often listening to my Walkman very loudly during my Eighties arcade days.

  5. 92.3! I didn’t Time Crisis was Time Crisis, though. You threw in some obscure choices that made some of the answers obvious. That, and I’ve always been a big Namco fan.

  6. I’m surprised there aren’t more 100%s yet. Yes, I knew this was going to be hard for most gamers, but then again, BB-ers aren’t most gamers. Stevezilla hit it on the head when he said some of the choices were just too obscure, which I hoped would help you narrow things down. Ah, well, at least the tunes are fun to listen to, right?

    BTW, you can now buy many of these games in a single joystick for under $20! I got one for my son at Target, but they’re available at Amazon, etc. too…

  7. Blast the quiz!!! (besides PacMan, DigDug and BurgerTime. . .I care not!)

    I WANT THAT SKULL!!! I would display it so proudly. . .

  8. 69% as well. The ones I got right I had no problem with so apparently I liked obscure games. I only got wrong ones where I’d never heard of any of the 4.

  9. I managed a non-guessing 62%. And there were two others I should have gotten but got tricked by how “easy” the right answer stood out in a sea of weaker choices. I thought it was a trick!

    Not as hard as advertised, really.

  10. 92.3 here. I was just thinking this weekend about how great it would be if there was an Aladdin’s Castle at the mall around here so I could go and waste a Saturday afternoon and pretend it was the 80’s again for a little while.

  11. 11/13 for me (missed Burning Force and Pac-Land). Once or twice I guessed what the music would be before it even loaded, just from the game choices (e.g. Xevious).

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