Time (a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


Americans, don't forget to force the hands of time back one hour today. Image above, "I-Way Project ," a photo contributed to the Boing Boing Flickr pool by Bill, aka provbenson2009. A related YouTube clip is here.


    1. Because it looks good.

      Used to be 8:20, and they used to claim that was when Lincoln was shot, but now it’s 10:10 – the new look is to give the old 8:20 face a ‘smile’ instead of a ‘frown.’

    1. There are still some Americans here in Arizona. I’m a US citizen, so I’m one of them. :) I did, however, have to change a couple of my clocks today (atomic clocks; I had to change the setting from pacific time zone to mountain time zone).

  1. Nice to see my favorite city of Providence, RI rep’d here on BB!

    As for the 10:10 thing, my grandmother once told me, comes from when Abraham Lincoln was shot (or when he died? – I can’t remember exactly).

    1. Holy, crap! I completely didn’t notice that, but my high school was Classical High in Providence, not far from where that photo was taken.

      That very well could have literally been the clock from my school.

        1. I might’ve gone to Classical myself, too, had my mother not been of enough sense long ago to move us to a state with better opportunities (no offense to those of you in the Ocean State, but that post-apocalyptic impression of downtown is only missing zombies); my father, however, did teach there.

  2. Is this meant to represent the increased time it take the site to load if you are running adblockers since BestBuy took over?

  3. It keeps the hands out of the way of the logo while making a upward V sign and appearing open and friendly. Just like your hands on the steering wheel. What’s not to love?

  4. What’s with all the digs against Arizona? Just because we don’t have that silly DST?

    Clocks in ads are at 10:10 or 8:18 for symmetry.

  5. I thought it was more often 10:08 (sometimes 1:50). I remember laughing when digital clocks and watches first came in — yep, in the ads they were set to 10:08, maintaining tradition.

  6. And to your left, ladies and gentlemen, you will see the building that Superman [as portrayed by George Reeves], in his first television series, was able to leap over “in a single bound.”

    Watch faces with the hands arranged at 10:10 are least likely to cover or obscure the manufacturer’s logo or any ‘complications’ the watch might be sporting…

  7. From this view, the ubiquitous urban detritus obscures the multiple cultural and economic paradoxes and ironies of this college town, ersatz city, as the poster reads: “Providence, Rhode Island where it rains two days out of three except during the rainy season when it snows like a bitch; And Friendship is a one way street; Rich folks live on Power Street; But most of us live off Hope.”

  8. In Arizona we are too dignified to be caught springing forward or falling back.

    Blaming Arizona residents for our government is helping us a lot, thank you. Tourism is down, putting lots of working people and small businesses in danger. So it’s working fine. Except that our officials are morons (trashing their own state for political gain) and we have lots of Fox viewers who are driven like cows to Abilene at voting time.

    Good thing that sniping and public holier-than-thou boycotting tactic wouldn’t work against anyplace else, since all other officials around the world are doing a great job. Like those police in Toronto at G20 with no name tags and extemporaneous laws, non-terrorists being shot in London subways, Gitmo progressive Soviet businessmen being railroaded into gulag. Nope, all other places beside AZ are sacrosanct wonderful places to visit. See you in Iraq.

  9. It’s pretty simple. The 10 and the 2 on the clock face actually represent 10 x 2 which in turn stands for the 20 centuries since Jesus walked the earth with the resulting upraised hands joyful in supplication.

  10. Is anyone else bothered by the impossible time in that clock picture? The hands are incorrectly set. The hour hand should be slightly past 10, not slightly before.

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