Skateboarder impaled on own plank costume

This swell "skateborder-impaled-on-his-own-plank" costume can also be used as a handy drinks table -- the images were captured by the talented @Toastkid.

Impaled Zombie Skateboarder DIY Halloween Costume (Thanks, Jim!)


  1. Oh! That’s

    “Skateboarder impaled on own plank” costume


    Skateboarder impaled on own “plank costume”


    Knowing skateboarders do in fact have a predisposition for impaling themselves, it’s pretty easy to misread this title.

  2. How about, Skateboarder-impaled-on-own-plank costume.

    I came here expecting to read how a reckless skateboarder injured himself with some sort of pirate costume.

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