Words: amazing video poem

Production company Everynone created a terrific video poem linking words and images together in a lovely flow. Directed by Daniel Mercadante and Will Hoffman, it's a collaboration with Radio Lab and NPR. Also, watch their remix of it, using YouTube clips, at the Everynone site. (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. These beautiful, wonderful things that are the reason NPR must be de-funded by the next congress.

    We can’t have nice things people.

  2. I’m a bit embarrassed to say it took me about half way through my first viewing before I really figured out what was going on. Very neat.

    1. Me, too. It didn’t click for me when it got to “split.” Then I had to go back and watch the first minute again. Nice work, though.

  3. We cannot have nice things, the owners are getting angry.

    We are living on their world, on their dime, and its time to stop. As an owner, please may I have something nice, and they will shout about the terrible job you did cleaning the windshield.

    Really, don’t you understand, nice is theft.

  4. This is really lovely. I originally saw it via Radiolab. I recommend going to the Everynone site to watch “Moments” next. That one is beautiful as well.

    Also, go check out Radiolab if you haven’t already. It is excellent.


  5. Respectfully: what does this have to do with NPR? This is extraordinarily clever and certainly beautiful, and yes, NPR collaborated on the production. The implication in the first and third posts is that beautiful things have an inherent right to be funded by the taxpayers. Beauty is worth (uncoerced) compensation – see also Thomas Kinkaid, Owl City, Frank Lloyd Wright, et al. Just because something is beautiful is no justification that a lot of taxpayers should be made to fund it against their will. The NPR debate is about political bias, not about free beauty. Send your contributions to Everynone, New York, NY, if you think their art should be publicly supported. Illogical political posts belong somewhere else. (OBTW, I donate to the NPR shows I like…)

    1. Respectfully: So much ugliness is funded by taxpayers, I think the tiny percentage of beauty that is supported by our dollars is a wonderful thing.

      But don’t take my word for it, listen to Mr. Rogers.

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