Handicapping the horse-race for Canada's new copyright bill


6 Responses to “Handicapping the horse-race for Canada's new copyright bill”

  1. manicbassman says:

    so does this mean it would be illegal to install Linux on a computer or change the version of Linux that was already on it?

    I can see Microsoft and Apple having a wet dream over this one if that’s the case…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let it pass. Then watch the protest that will eradicate this idiocy.

  3. AdamUndefined says:

    That should be C-32. C-61 was the failed bill before this latest one.

  4. Gregory Goldmacher says:

    Illegal to modify your own equipment? Wow!

  5. johnphantom says:

    So I wonder when this will trickle down to other “equipment” that has a computer in it – which is just about anything these days.

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