Pleideans shot down U.S. mystery missile attack on Iran

The truth about yesterday's mysterious missile launch. Thought you'd like to know. [Colleen Thomas' YouTube, via Gruber]


    1. Actually, that’s the only reason I clicked on the movie. I must know more about the leopard.
      I just hope its not a viral vid for some sort of vodka.
      Well, if it is..what sort of vodka??

  1. It’s an actual Pleidean leopard. The Pleideans gave it to her. It’s from the Pleiades. All of them.

  2. I know a bunch of these people and she nails them perfectly. The only thing that would be more accurate would be TWO animal print garments. And a couple of $5,000 exotic breed cats from Neiman-Marcus.

    1. Wow. Thanks a lot for making fun of my clothes and my pets, Antinous. Last time I invite you over for an alien abduction PTSD support group meeting.

  3. I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying because I was worried about the hairball that cat was coughing up.

  4. Also, I keep signing in, and it never signs in. I come back to this page, and am still anonymous. That makes me sad. :(

    1. Clear your cache and cookies, then try signing in again. You might even close your browser and restart your computer in between. If none of that works, e-mail me with your info.

  5. I feel sorry for her and oddly fascinated at the same time. I wonder what drives her madness.

    Also, I think she’s hot.

    1. I was actually hoping to hear from MZ Mugzzi myself. Her clairvoyance helped me with my ascension to achieve a higher frequency vibration. Namaste. God bless.

  6. I’m starting to get the impression we should be filing her in the same category as the Opossum Make-over Lady

  7. ugh. I dislike laughing at people who are clearly disabled.

    I mean, yes this is hilarious … but wow do I feel dirty for laughing.

    1. There are mentally ill people, and then there are people who choose delusions. I cannot diagnose this woman. I do not assume she is helpless or afflicted with a mentally disabling condition.

    2. It’s fake. Nobody who wears animal prints unironically is capable of producing a hi-def YouTube film. And, why would she take a phone call as she’s warning the world about the alien invasion? Her other videos manage to include every laughable New Age meme, so I’m pretty sure that she’s doing a character.

      1. My only question about this is: what is this a viral promotion FOR?

        1) Tommy Bahamas
        2) hairballs
        3) whatever that phone is
        4) ?????

        1. The “phone” is an iPhone4 in an Otterbox cover. Why such a bulky iPhone case exists in the future is lost on me. But it should protect the iPhone well when the Pleiadians come. Then you’ll see.

      2. Yes. it’s totally fake. I mean if it IS fake…it’s pretty clever. if it’s NOT, then she just bums me out.

  8. This just keeps getting sadder and sadder. I’m sorry, Xeni, but this is a clear case of delusional paranoia. She’s gotten caught up in every conspiracy theory that there is, and woven them together into an intricate, unshakable worldview that the end is coming any time now. Every world event, from a missile launch to warm weather becomes part of the big picture, that only she can see. At first i thought it was kind of funny, but now I can only see it as tragic. I used to see people ranting like this on the street in Chicago, ranting exactly like this, handing out hand printed flyers. Now, because of the internet, not only can she spread her disease to other mentally unbalanced people, but their delusions can reinforce hers, and the whole thing just keeps on rolling.

  9. As more of these videos come out, I become more certain that it’s going to turn out to be a viral ad campaign for some new console game.

  10. oy … I hope this is a character. Her Youtube profile and other videos are very convincing … she certainly rants like a person with some sort of mental health problem.

    If this isn’t an act, then I hope she has someone in her life who can help her.

  11. And people thought the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity were impressive “found footage” movies… This lady is an awesome actress with an uncanny ability to improv some of the most hilarious material I’ve heard in years.

    What? So you’re saying that she’s being serious and she’s not an actress?

    Nah, I don’t believe it. Nobody could be THAT crazy…

  12. My wife (CA licensed psychologist) says that paranoid schizophrenics can be very high functioning … in other words, making impressively high quality videos doesn’t mean she’s a sane person doing a character.

  13. She has this kinda hot but super crazy thing going on.
    She should have run for a Tea Party spot. She could be on Faux right now.

  14. The rocking she does during the phone seems to soothe her.

    As far as her being real goes… /b/ could find out. Let’s call /b/. Anyone have anons number?

  15. Hey, that could almost be Xeni’s mom!

    She looks like she’s in pretty comfortable surroundings, so I wouldn’t be too worried about her. She reminds me of one of my wife’s friends who believes she channels an ancient spirit, consults her “spirit guides,” and who makes money doing tarot readings for people who call her from all over the US (or at least says she does). Yes, this woman reminds me of her a lot, right down to the leopard print. Only this woman’s a bit more intense.

    I, for one, welcome our new Pleidean overlords. Why the heck did we spend all that money on “Star Wars” when they were there all along?

  16. She keeps mentioning benevolent aliens that will not let any nation destroy earth. That seems to be some sort of theme. I think what drove her into her delusions is simple fear and general uncertainty. I guess she is trying to cope.
    And the other video really brings out her boobs…

      1. Meredith Baxter-Birney? Yeah a bit. You can never tell any more. Plastic people!

        I vote campaign. The sound on the phone? That’s pretty good for a camcorder or computer mic.

  17. She seems crazier in the video mashup that Wrybread posted. Is there a correlation between obvious crazy and the apparent prominence of mammarian display? I bet she waves magic wands over things before she uses them, like a breaking trend I heard about today: Zero=Point Energy Wands, which remove the consumable from all but the end of the supply chain… never mind your açai berry extracts with Taurine and Ginko Biloba, with their nasty best-before dates. This uses powers you can’t EVER run out of! Undetectable AMEGA energy!

    Give me a sec to buckle on the kevlar and asbestos before igniting the flame throwers, will you?

    I read Harry Potter, I don’t LARP it. Or exploit those people who want to LARP it.

    Please, please oh you muses. Let not the people think that THIS post is a clever viral marketing ploy. Oh, St. Bill of Hicks, what shall I do now?

  18. It’s not an act. It is the purest form of woo that has been distilled yet. Uncut, unadulterated woo. Pleideans help us!

    lbigbadbob: Thank you for the largest burst of laughter I’ve had in at least a week.

  19. People who are mentally ill often don’t realize they are mentally ill. I hope someone helps her. She must be in hell. I can’t imagine living in her nightmare world.

    Exciting, I’m sure, but she also seem kind of terrified.

    That said, it’s amazing how much money crazy can amass.

  20. If this were not an act, then I would say Colleen Thomas suffers from a simple case of paranoid schizophrenia. She exhibits all the classic paranoid delusions with hallucinations manifesting themselves as voices, which as part of her delusions leads her to believe she possess telepathic powers granted to her by the Pleideans. She is lucid, aware, and otherwise functional, which means she likely does not suffer from any of the more server form of schizophrenia.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. I have a B.A. in psychology…and this is classic exhibition of schizophrenia. I had watched another video of hers warning Obama and I thought “this woman is schizophrenic”. Besides the delusion,paranoia,and hallucination, one thing schizophrenics may do is make up words,places,and things.However, not all schizophrenic patients have such creative or entertaining delusions.They could just be as simple as hearing the sound of a bee buzzing when there isn’t a bee and constantly trying to find it(simple enough).

      however….. It is super likely that this is an act…and a terrible one at that. It’s just dumb.

  21. Certainly not fake. She “means” it in as much a way as any conspiracy theorist (hypothetizer?) or televangelist means it. This isn’t satire. Whether she actually “believes” it or is rather just trying to make herself a name to promote a book, that’s up to anyone.

  22. Okay, realize…(and I know I’ll be catching huge flack over this), her concept of reality is just as valid as your concept of reality.

    So she is not mentally ill as some of you mentioned.

    You may read an article about haitians who believe in voodoo magic and who would cower in fear at the prospect of being turned into goats, and you would explain this as being an expression of a more ‘primitive’ culture, but as I see it, their reality is as solid as yours.

    Realize that the only reason your ‘truth’ seems absolute, is that you believe in it, and in that sense, you are not different to this lady in any damn way.

    If I’d argue with a muslim about ‘truth’, he’d be be giving all kinds of examples of stuff that’s in the Quran, and he wouldn’t understand why I’m so thick in the head not to be convinced that this is the ‘truth’.
    If I’d argue with a catholic, he’d be using the Bible.
    And if I’m argueing with you guys, then I’d probably have to listen to all kinds of scientific evidence.

    Your reality is valid. It is true and valid and real, because you believe in it.
    And so is hers. And so is mine.

    Would you call the worldview of a person from the Middle Ages an expression of mental illness?
    It would be very different from yours though wouldn’t it?!

    So let’s not burn this ‘witch’ at the stake, shall we?

    1. Absolutely! Mental illness is a cultural construction. It can even be a useful one, at times. But it’s interesting where the line is drawn. All but the rarest religions are not labeled as such, nor homeopathy, but having a dozen cats is.

      Western society: clear as mud.

    2. @Marcel. Reality is not relative. The fact people have different beliefs does not mean they are all right, or that they are all sane. Indeed, if your belief is not supportable by any form of logic (in a mathematical sense) or repeatable observations around you, or supports predictions that can be verified, then your belief is delusional. The fact that society is prepared to accept some more common forms of delusion as “religious belief” and other less common forms of delusion as “insanity” is simply a reflection on society and its own bizarre ways of operating. If early societies held certain beliefs because they lacked the ability to make measurements that could disprove their belief (e.g. that the world was flat) then sure, in their frame of reference, their beliefs were incorrect but reasonable. However, for this woman and for the majority of modern religious beliefs, there is plenty of solid, predicable, repeatable and measurable scientific evidence that disproves the belief. To continue to believe in the face of this is, I would argue, a sign of insanity.

    3. Superstition alone does not equate with mental illness.

      Well, not usually.

      But always, if violence against oneself or others, is the result of that superstition.

    4. Marcel,

      If you put two ‘true believers’ in a room, but one of them believes in the bible, the other the Qur’an, there would be no debate because there is no common ground. The argument can’t advance past ‘this book is right.’ But just because some people have silly dogmatic beliefs doesn’t mean that pure subjectivism is the only way out.

      You put two scientists in a room with a bunch of their sciency equipment, and they will debate for a long time the nature of the world. But then in most cases, they crank out a useful model that can be used to make predictions for the betterment of just about everyone who cares to use it. These people also tend to be much more fun at parties.

      The sad thing about your world view is that if you were in a position to help this woman, it seems you would rather not – as her world view is just as valid as the rest.

  23. I’m trying to watch more of her youtube videos, from the netherlands, but I get all these messages:

    “This rental is currently unavailable in your country.”

    “This video contains content from colesakick, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”


  24. In one of her videos she writes that some guy called Michael will appear sometime next year and exact his vengeance on all who threaten peace. This is worrying. I just hope there isn’t any KoolAid or Comet involved. :(

  25. I attempt similar ‘crazy’ riffing on video for fun and creativity. If this is someone doing the same sort of thing then my hats off to her. She’s a great actress/stream-o-consciousnesser. Otherwise, well…..

  26. I love the Internet. Also – I may have a crush on Colleen (the best kind of intarweb crush – zero chance of any kind of real world instantiation).

  27. If she wasn’t attractive and financially secure she would be telling her theories to a cat under a highway overpass and none of us would have any interest in her.
    Kind of odd how we direct our attention isn’t it?

  28. You laugh now, but when you pound on the door of my bunker, I won’t let you in.

    On another note, I’d do her.

  29. If you watched Coleen’s recent video before this (, you saw she made several very specific claims that did not come true (like dirty bombs would be detonated in US cities on November 8th), yet this failure does not appear to shake her confidence. This is common with conspiracy theorists, cultists and all manner of True Believers.

    For those who want to learn more about this curious tendancy, I recommend reading When Prophecy Fails (wiki summary here: for a very interesting story about what happened when a group of psychologists infiltrated an alien doomsday cult.

  30. Has anyone sent this to Ivan Stang? I think she’s channeling the next SubGenius Testament and needs to pay him $20 for a space on the Rescue Saucers…

  31. As her newly self-appointed Psychiatrist I prescribe a turtle-neck, a large baggy sweater and a parka. Once the audience dries up I will follow up with a lengthy series of couch sessions.

  32. Looks like a Dell Streak because it is HUGE.

    How come eHarmony only sets me up with normal women, and not interesting women like her?

  33. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
    I don’t see any attempt to explain or rationalize the claims.
    I may as well claim that it’s not the pleideans or draconians or reptilians but that it’s really the mole people launching attacks from their underground caverns. Just as credible really.

  34. Well, I called the number she posted in another video, and she answered. No marketing message or anything, just “This is Colleen”. Sad. But why would you post your phone number on the web?

  35. if you look deep enough, she has a video on demand rental for $175!!!

    The description kills me:

    Just Colleen cutting lose in celebration after throwing the reptilians in her life that were taking advantage of her OUT from inside her own home!!

    Just good, clean adult sexuality and humor with great shots of Colleen Thomas’ rockin granny bod that inspired the new term “gilfy” for Grandmother I’d Like to F-%$, lol. She may be 50 but she’s still got it!!!

    It doesn’t stop there – there’s a preview with an additional on-screen description that reveals her plot…

    Colleen Thomas dances in sexy clubbing outfits ( and topless at one point) to celebrate her personal freedom from the reptilian brained people that were making her life hell on Earth.

    The last song plays to elegant photos of Colleen dressing in her closet into sexy bedroomwear and then posing in them. There are also nudes of Colleen in the final song, enjoy the beautiful work of God’s hands.

    Colleen is single and likes to be invited all over to hang out and have fun with people who can afford to live in the manner she was accustomed to before the crash.

    Money, at least for now until our systems all change must be offered in exchange for Colleen’s company. To invite Colleen to a function, out dancing or just for a visit to get to know her better please write to her at

    ….. This is followed by 1:20 of her dancing on what looks to be a webcam in various rooms of her house.


  36. Yes, she’s loony, and yes, I quietly wonder at how somebody can truly be this loony and still have furniture, clothing, and sandwiches, but let’s not get too terribly self-righteous here. Every single thing she believes in has exactly the same logical substantiation as any religion on planet Earth, and in fact, a few of her thoughts strike me as more reasonable than most things I’ve heard from the pulpit of a mosque, synagogue, or church. We seen, as a species, to be insatiably attracted to bullshit; she just happens to be a more amusing example of that paradigm.

  37. For one, military helicopters, tanks, etc… are often shipped with a basic paint job (without markings) from the factory, and its up to their duty station to apply the necessary markings and decals when they arrive(I’m prior military).

    And second her story isn’t clear and doesn’t match up. The US launched a missile at Iran, but pledians shot it down. They are gonna start putting us in concentration camps and beating us. Who, the US/UN who is supposedly moving equipment? They are gonna fire on Iran and then start beating their own people? The Iranians are gonna do this to us? or the Pledian’s are gonna start doing this to us?

    Yes these aren’t serious questions but you’d think she’d get it straight in her head first before trying to convince everyone else. I believe in the possibility of aliens, but like other commenters I think she’s a few short in the head.

    Entertaining though :)

  38. That sonofabitch Roosevelt, he stole my couch and now he tells me to invest in gold.

    But he’ll stop soon enough, once I get these damn fillings out of my teeth.

  39. You people are missing the point. Forget blondo girl.

    What about the truth?

    The aliens from area 51 finally fixed their ship and left. that’s what you saw in the sky. Dear me, get a clue, people!

  40. Queue movie deal in 3…2…1…

    “Colleen was born into a large family in 1960. The family was plagued with mental illness and depraved individuals that preyed upon the young and the weak. Colleen is no stranger to evil and has been confronted with the dark ones, even to the point of attempts on her life. At the age of 14 the wild and virtually uncontrollable 8th grader was sent away to live with a sister in Russellville Arkansas, within a year the unsupervised wild girl was sexual active and then pregnant.”

    1. Reading more through that link you supplied you find this: “A lifetime of seemingly unrelenting hardships and hostility from the dark never killed Colleen’s happy go lucky spirit, that is until her 28 year old daughter died unexpectedly 2 years ago….Three hostile marriages, persistent problems with money and 20 years in a Christian cult came crashing in all at once as the anguish of losing a child overtook her.”

      “On Valentine’s day of this year a Pleadian man, an 8 ft tall giant who is a gifted and talented astyrophysicist known throughout the galaxy melded minds with Colleen causing her to awaken knowing things about physics she had never learned before and had sudden clarity on all the quantum physical matters that had puzzled and eluded her understanding before.”

      It is hard not to laugh at her ideas and I did myself, but this background would indicate a real break with reality due to life circumstances and personal tragedy. I do hope there is someone in her life looking out for her.

      1. It’s hard to know what’s real here: e.g., is the biography true, are the delusions believed?

        What is clear is that she’s trying to cash in. Some of her video ravings require rental. $5.99 for the ten minute tale of “The Spiritual Awakening of Colleen Thomas”? Her prices could use some work.

      2. I know someone EXACTLY like this woman, and she charges 100 bucks an hour for consultations. She sees 60 clients a week, every week of the year except for the six week luxury vacation to exotic locales and yearly run up to San Francisco for the newest plastic surgery. She identifies herself with Mother Teresa. When she moved from a 5,000 sqft house to a 3,000 sqft house, she described it as ‘almost like moving to Calcutta’.

        This woman doesn’t need a babysitter, just a really good tax accountant.

        1. It gets even better! She claims that one of her videos (only $29.99!) features nudes photos of her, going by the saucy title: BTR Aug 15. Interview with Scott Goldberg, with more nudes of Colleen Thomas.

          If you’re looking for the discount version, there’s the more modest “Colleen Thomas swim suit edition for experiment with auras and glowing.” It’s $10.99, but the description is free: “I put on the skimpy swim suit to test to see if my chakras would glow in the dark.” Yeah…right. Sounds like something a Reptilian would say.

  41. The star system is Pleiades. At least that’s the way it’s spelled on Earth. The real questions are: Who launched the missile and are Pentagon officials really as befuddled as they seem?

  42. You really must look at her YouTube channel, and especially this one:
    where she is apparently inviting people to her home (in Roseville, CA) for a “post-invasion after party” (she says the aliens are a-coming soon) so we might as well party.

    Most of her videos seem to be more similar rants as the one first posted, but this one was a slideshow of her house: room after room after room, several bedrooms, a couple lush bathrooms, bar in the basement, and a half-finished outdoor pool or garden space. The pictures linger over the fixtures, the toilets, the shower heads and mosaics and plastic autumn leaf swags. The whole thing is beautiful, post-bubble American hyper-consumerism — and utterly sad and scary and California. It is strange and ordinary and wonderfully wretched.

  43. I guess this lady doesn’t realize that if we wanted to fire a missile at Iran, we would be able to do it much closer to Iran. But, she is allowed to believe what she wants, as long she doesn’t hurt anyone.

  44. As someone who edited a new age magazine for 3 years (for my sins)and dealt on a daily basis with this sort of nonsense, I can attest to the fact that these folks might seem serious and sincere, but it’s hard to know for sure. That Pleidean thingie has been around for a while. And the “Michael” she refers to is probably the Archangel Michael — everyone and his or her dog channels him. Add in crop circles, astrology, the mind-numbingly bizarro world of alien abduction, channeling of everyone from 35,000 year old Ramtha to all the major and minor archangels (Michael’s not the only one) not to mention and numerology and crystals etc., ad nauseum, and it’s a perfect source of constant entertainment. My fellow editor and I used to roll on the floor laughing at the stuff we were asked to “edit.” Ask some of these people about “Planet X” — which was supposed to change everything a few years ago. Did it? Um, that would be a “no.”

  45. Most of the time being as crazy as a shithouse rat is a barrier to accumulating great wealth, but every once in a while someone beats the odds and the result is often a source of guilty entertainment. Mrs. Winchester, Howard Hughes, Michael Jackson…

    1. IIRC, Mrs. Winchester came by her fortune the old-fashioned way: She inherited it from her husband, who made it selling, natch, Winchester firearms. One of the reasons for the bizarre, and frankly beautiful Winchester mansion in San Jose was that she believed the spirits of all those killed by Winchester guns were haunting her, so dead-end hallways, stairways to nowhere, and false doors were ways of keeping the spirits confused so they would not be able to find her.

      I highly recommend the Halloween flashlight tour. It’s fun!

    2. Hughes was a great industrialist, accomplished pilot and the Spruce Goose could fly. Jackson tunes are catchy. Their great wealth came from real accomplishment, as did Mrs. Winchester’s through her husbands efforts. I can’t think of a good example of success attributable to wacky ideas.

  46. Whatever is going on with her, she seems harmless right up until she talks about using ‘deadly force’. I pity anyone selling door-to-door in her neighborhood.

  47. She is kinda hot, well spoken, articulate, I hope Penthouse contacts her and do a UFO themed photo shoot, that’d be hot.

  48. If this poor woman were somehow a dolphin or a fucking cat instead of a Junior League type, all these BoingBoingers would be wet with compassion. Paranoid schizophrenia is not an alternate reality as valid as yours. It is as amusing as cancer.

    1. Not to get too picky about it, but this smacks more of a delusional disorder of the grandiose variety:

      But to be fair, it’s hard not to be fascinated when someone is so public and energetic about their delusions. Not to mention so capitalizing.

      This is the sort of person who starts a religion. One follower = crazy. Many followers = congregation.

      1. Sorry eeple, but for Colleen Thomas to suffer from just a delusional disorder, auditory and visual hallucinations cannot be prominent. Colleen asserts in hearing the auditory thought of others through her telepathic abilities. That added component clearly defines her personality disorder as paranoid schizophrenia. Like people most who do suffer from Delusional disorders, paranoid schizophrenics are usually highly functional people who may not exhibit any other odd behavior aside from their paranoid delusions.

  49. it took me a while to figure out why she’s rocking back and forth all the time, she’s sitting on a sybian.

  50. I think I’m most disturbed by the fact that she insists she is not mentally ill. And she may merely be a victim of a group of people who have convinced her that what she’s thinking is true. Manson was a master manipulator who got women to kill for him. Coleen and the “Council of 24” are surely under the influence of someone just as masterful.

  51. My take on religions, mental illness, and beliefs et al (paraphrasing): “Reality is whatever doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.” Of course it’s worth noting that the original author of that phrase was a tiny bit nuts…
    Something that i definitely would not say of this lady.

  52. Seriously, get help, I really mean it. This type of obsession and delusion is only a downward spiral to insanity and you’ll loose everything that REALLY matters. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP PLEASE!

  53. Sad to say, but my guess is that she’s going through an intense manic phase. She needs to get back on her Li.

  54. The Derth people will never let this happen. Right now, yes as we…type… the Beonlodgiks are massing a mighty army to rid Gaia of the Scaliwags. My friend Applepops said he was told by a Niarbdrib that only those who injest the antidont “Skcubrats” will survive the coming apocilips (or the END.)You have been warned.

  55. She knows what she is talking about. Have any of you seen Jesse Ventura’s show on conspiracy? There are detention centers with barbed wire set up all over the US and grave liners. He showed them on his show and confronted the people that had the concentration camps. The Pleidians have stopped nuclear way many times. There was a news story on Fox Network a few weeks ago showing hearings with the military on UFO’s and how they are here and how they have stopped nuclear attacks. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

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