Bottle Scraper

9781spatulas.jpeg I first used this bottle scraper twenty years ago when boarding with a family in the Netherlands. At the time, Dutch pudding came in glass jars similar to traditional milk bottles and this spatula was the only way to get out the last drop. Since then, I have thought wistfully about the bottle scraper every time I have tried to get gooey foods (think sauces or peanut butter) out of a bottle or jar. Unlike most spatulas, the long handle reaches the bottom of long bottles. The small silicone head bends to enter small openings, then pops open inside. The curved head makes a snug fit against a bottle's interior walls, making it easy to pull the contents out. On a recent trip to The Netherlands, I made sure to purchase one for my home kitchen. Online, it can be purchased at Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop. -- Debora Dekok Silicone Bottle Scraper $5 Comment on this at Cool Tools. Or, submit a tool!


  1. We pick these up when visiting the Netherlands every couple years from a local Hema (Echt Hema!). What distinguishes a good flessenlikker from one you will have to replace every 12 months is the dishwasher-safeness of it – most have threaded metal rods in the handles & the unscrewable joint between the silicone head and the handle rod will start to rust after some months going through the dishwasher. We have yet to find one that lasts more than a couple years, but we replace them rather than take them apart & wash the plastics without the metal. They are a brilliant practical kitchen tool we won’t do without.

  2. Ha! My mom used to have one of these, but they stopped putting pudding or “vla” in bottles years ago. Never seen one since. Brings back memories.
    They were always a little too short and if you got greedy you ended up with your hands covered in pudding as much as ended up in the bowl.

  3. thank you for the inspiration. i just put a few things into the trashbin that i should spare to make some of these by myself.


  4. This would be awesome for liquid laundry soap. That stuff’s expensive and I never want to stand around and wait on every last drop to drip out. If I had one of those, I could scrape it out really fast and probably get another load out of the last of the bottle that usually just gets pitched.

  5. It *does* seem to have been hit fairly hard. That said, a quick search for “UK bottle scraper” throws up some alternatives!

    Great pointer, thanks.

    [Ha – CAPTCHA: “unsupped process”]

  6. They also work on a Tetrapak if you open the top, but you don’t really need the silicone bendiness in that case.

  7. This is also a good tool for getting all the used coffee grounds out of a French Press. I actually made my own last year to custom fit it to the width of my Bodum press so i could get most of the grounds out in one motion.

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