HOWTO: make a bell-ringing Arduino doorbell


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  1. hadlock says:

    This seems like a good “build a better mousetrap” challenge. How simple can you get while still maintaining functionality? It seems that you could attach two live wires to the door bell with a fuse and a 120v momentary solenoid attached to the hand bell (via a long stick). If you had a larger bell you could use the solenoid as a hammer and some old piano keyboard parts. A microcontroller is neat, but seems wasteful for this project.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My grandparents house had a wire sticking out through a hole next to the door. You pulled the wire that was connected to a bell inside, causing the bell to swing and ring. I guess I fail to see how an added microprocessor improves on their system in any way.

    If you rigged a tesla coil into the system I would be more excited.

  3. PaulR says:

    Bonus: if the clapper falls out of the bell, the noisy servo motor still lets you know that there’s someone at the door.

    /and that, y’know, the clapper fell out.

  4. GraemeM says:

    I don’t agree with the use of the work hacking in this context. The Arduino boards are “just” a processor and some IO connections, this is what it is built for. Hacking implies breaking something apart and rebuilding it to do something tit was not designed for.

  5. GraemeM says:

    Why do I only spot my spelling mistakes just after I hit submit?

  6. John Montgomery says:

    To address some of the feedback here.

    @PaulR and @EH – yep servo is relatively loud. I plan on muffling it in the future, as the doorbell will eventually be covered/decorated/dressed.

    @Anon, @hadlock, @Blinde Schildpad and @fantasygoat – Arduino/microprocessor is overkill, but this was the easiest option *for me* with relatively little electronics knowledge or having to put holes into the walls of rented accommodation.

    @RedShirt77 – believe it or not that’s my kitchen.

    @Digilante – that’s probably my arm.

  7. fantasygoat says:

    I would hardly classify anything involving an Arduino “cheap”. Also, major overkill – some discrete circuitry could easily replicate a single ring.

    If he wanted the bell to play a little tune, I could see using the Arduino.

  8. Blinde Schildpad says:

    I’d use Ropeâ„¢.

  9. Digilante says:

    Is that a UFO in the blue monitor on the bottom right, or is the cameraman just really happy to see me?

  10. RedShirt77 says:

    Why is he testing this in a bathroom?

  11. Roy Trumbull says:

    My favorite DIY project was made by a friend’s father. In their suburb there were lots of large dogs left free to roam. For some reason they all favored peeing on garbage cans. So they put their can up on a fork lift pallet to get it off the ground and wired an automotive spark coil between it and ground. Pavlov was right.

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