MAKE Ultimate Workshop & Tool Guide 2011

The MAKE Ultimate Workshop & Tool Guide 2011 has hit the stands. We are really proud of this special one-shot magazine. If you have a toolshop or would like to make one (even if you only have a kitchen table's worth of real estate) I think you'll find this guide very useful.

It reveals the top tools and tricks for today's DIY "maker" workshop -- not just woodworking but metalworking, electronics, robotics, computerized milling, 3D printing, and more. Whether you need a gift for the do-it-yourselfer who loves technology, or you want to rev up your own workshop in 2011, this guide shows you how.
Get your copy of MAKE Ultimate Workshop & Tool Guide 2011 in the Maker Shed.


  1. Will this be sent to MAKE Magazine subscribers?

    I ask because the last special issue (Halloween) did get sent out.

    1. Hi Stefan,

      No, this is not being sent to subscribers. We will be selling a digital edition for a few dollars less. Announcement to come in a few days.

  2. I’ve always wanted a good paying job that allows me to be creative and work with my hands. I have a well paying job as a consulting actuary in-training. It will slowly become a more creative and intellectually stimulating job, but it will never really be a hands on. I am also in the process of buying my first house and am pumped to slowly build an awesome workshop and learn new hobbies and skills. I will be buying this or at least checking it out from the library.

  3. I have another question, Mark:

    Is this an all-new pub, or reprints of MAKE articles about workshops?

    I’ll probably be buying a print copy in either case, as a gift for a brother who just bought a house!

    1. About 70 percent is from previous issues, but some of the older material has been updated. 30% or so is new.

  4. Its a nice thought, but unfortunately the makershed does not ship to South Africa. (It ships to almost no African or South American countries, even though Fedex does in fact cover most of these countries) I have mentioned this on their Facebook page and e-mailed Makershed, but have had no response. In this day and age, with Paypal worldwide and South Africa itself having a booming e-tailing industry, it seems a bit backward.

    Its a little disappointing that such a great resource, with so much practical knowledge, and the many innovative DIY kits and resources are not available in the regions of the world that could use technological education.

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