Sparkles: The Soldering My Little Pony Unicorn


Earlier this year I had a dream. Last night at the Crash Space (Los Angeles hackerspace) weekly meeting, that dream became a reality, thanks in part to the dedication and follow through of Matt Pinner. Go team.


    1. YES! Is is practical. ever tried soldering EL-Wire?

      from my flickr comment:
      This is my preferred configuration for soldering el-wire. Having the soldering iron held static and pointing at your face, although potentially dangerous, allows you to manage both sets of fragile wiring with far more dexterity. you can see a photo in our el tutorial from the last class here:

  1. Matt Pinner is such an amazing collaborator, I love him….and even more now. Really want one of these, hope there’s a few more in this series!

    Did he tell you about the musical instrument we built with the tesla coil?

  2. I don’t think I would describe a soldering iron holder that extends the 500degF tip out into space as “practical”.

    It’s cute, but keep it off my workbench.

  3. I just learned how to solder this weekend while building the Bulbdial clock from Evil Mad Scientist Labs with my boyfriend. As he put it, I “solder like an angel.” I guess I’m pretty good for a beginner. I decided I needed a purple handled soldering iron of my own. I think this one would do the trick, so I guess now we’ve got another project!

  4. We were just discussing how it would be WRONG to build a glue gun of this variety….considering where the glue would be inserted there’s only so much tail to go around.

  5. Has nobody noticed the *real* cause of the problems?

    This person has clearly been abusing the Verve RelaxAcizor that sits on the desk behind the pony. This device was declared hazardous in 1971!! Look at the harm it has caused!

  6. …the soldering tip doesn’t at all appear to be longer than any iron I’ve seen before… I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could describe this as ‘extending into space’…

    Also, glue gun = epic.

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