US air war on Afghanistan peaks with 1,000 strikes in October


Noah Shachtman of the Wired blog Danger Room tells Boing Boing,

The U.S. and its allies have unleashed a massive air campaign in Afghanistan, launching missiles and bombs from the sky at a rate rarely seen since the war's earliest days. In October alone, NATO planes fired their weapons on 1,000 separate missions, U.S. Air Force statistics provided to Danger Room show. Since Gen. David Petraeus took command of the war effort in late June, coalition aircraft have flown 2,600 attack sorties. That's 50% more than they did during the same period in 2009. Not surprisingly, civilian casualties are on the rise, as well.
Read Noah's full report here.
(Photo: USAF)


  1. What is that A-10 doing? It looks like its launching it’s landing gear pod. I don’t think there is a weapon there. And it’s has nothing to do with propulsion because it uses ducted fans not jets.

      1. Likewise I am going with a flare, it’s a good use of space. You can see the little black squares in the landing gear fairings and near the wingtips, which I would take a punt are for countermeasures (chaff/flares). Black for flares, yellow for chaff?

    1. Because military hardware is awesome!

      It’s what the military does with it that’s abhorrent, even when it’s necessary.

  2. It is well past time for the populations of NATO countries to make serious civil disobedience a daily cost of continuing these wars. Long-term general strikes. I know how unlikely and foreign this seems in North America, but these wars keep getting worse and worse.

    1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction, I don’t want a future of endless war.

  3. For how many thousands of years or more in the history of mankind has medical and technological progress depended on finding new and better ways to prosecute wars. Even the development of the Internet can be related to the the perceived threat of Sputnik and the Cold War.

    When will this meme change?

    Warbirds are beautiful, yes.

  4. Can we fudge the numbers to count the value of the ordinance dropped in Afghanistan and Iraq as “exported goods” in our GDP calculations? I bet our trade deficit would be pretty much nil that way.

    1. “Dang it, I wish I could remember the last time we did this and it worked out so well for us.”


      1. I don’t know if 1945 worked out so well for us either(Beyond economically of course)… if you follow all the logical course of the events immediately following WW2. It was a year that would usher in our “commitments” to Korea, and then to Vietnam… and of course Japan, Taiwan and others, Many places that we are indefinitely stationed to even today.

        1. There hasn’t been a major/Great Power war since then. Lots of (comparatively) little wars, yes, but WW3 didn’t happen.

  5. I don’t pretend to know what are the ultimate motives for this war, but I will make the following assertion: Super-powers can’t win asymmetric wars without resorting to genocide. If you are not prepared to do that (I’m not suggesting you should), just declare victory and leave.

    btw. This war on terror seems to be fought exactly against what Sun Tzu recommends in The Art of War. Long, far away war where captured enemies are abused and local infrastructure and order destroyed.

  6. C-Span used to show a big anti-war demonstration every few weeks or so.

    And I can remember the news networks following Cindy Sheehan around like lovesick puppies.

    But since all that activity wound down about 21-22 months ago, I figured that the wars were all over.

    Was I wrong?

  7. If superior military hardware was enough to win wars against determined local resistance forces then Petraeus sure as hell wouldn’t be reporting back to a place called “Washington.”

  8. anon, the A-10 in this photo is deploying countermeasure flares. The A-10 does indeed use jet propulsion.

  9. Yay! This means we’re winning!

    Of course by “we” I mean the stockholders and executives of Boeing and General Electric.

  10. Someone’s getting his ticket punched for doing this. What time does the last helicopter take off from the embassy roof?

  11. How come people keep on talking about beauty of a FUCKING air craft and not a word about the innocent people dying down there?

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