23 years' worth of soap opera romance condensed into 6 minutes

Here's a sweet little animation spelling out 23 years' worth of the complex interpersonal relationships on The Bold and the Beautiful, a soap-opera, visualized with artists' maquettes and liberal use of connecting lines and narration.

Beautiful LAB - EPISODE 0 in English: The Bold and the Beautiful in 6 minutes


  1. So, basically, soap opera storylines are like comic book storylines, except that sex and superpowers switch places.

  2. I can’t even watch this 6 mins recapitulation to the end; I can’t imagine how anyone can watch this for 23 freaking years; or there’s no such person.

  3. It is mindblowing to consider how many people spent so much time following this series over the years. In aggregation, that’s many, many complete human lives wasted. I’m glad we’ve now progressed out of that dark pre-internet era! Today we know better and use our time more productively. Ok, gotta go, time for my daily round of checking cool cat videos on youtube. Later!

  4. Oh, please. Soap operas are for pure entertainment purposes only. If you’ve never followed one for a period of time, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    As for as human lives lost, how is watching hours of primetime every night any different. If you did a summary of ER or Lost or Friends, would it be much different?

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