Stop Groping Me TSA shirt

Marilyn sez, "It's the "Stop Groping Me" T-shirt, printed up with TSA directions on how to do an 'enhanced' pat-down: 'Breast area: Gently caress, using palm of hand. Try cupping chest area without squeezing...Buttocks: Grasp firmly and release.' There's more. Don't forget: National Opt-Out Day is Wednesday, November 24."

The One Stop Shop For Your Your Official TSA Groping Guide Shirt! (Thanks, Marilyn, via Submitterator!)


  1. Sign me up for one! This TSA Big Brother crap is ridiculous. Won’t be having any pedo TSA agent watching nude pics of my kids or feeling them up when I refuse the scanner.

  2. Whew…for me, there’s an uncanny valley effect seeing the photos of the model with the 2D graphic overlaid. If a photo session can’t adequately show off the actual printed shirt, what chance does it have to be readable in the wild?

  3. I got to experience the “enhanced” pat down first had today. You now basically have 2 options, be photographed nude or be subjected to a humiliating search.

    Your choice Mr & Mrs American Public.

  4. Pah! This policy isn’t a bad thing. You people suck.
    I don’t even fly. When I go to the airport I say “I don’t have a ticket. I’m just here for the groping.” Now that is a T-shirt slogan!

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