Mean Monkey Monday 6


"I cut my way out of primate hell."

"(Sorry for the duplicate apes -- I did these in advance and clearly screwed up!)

(Thanks, Rootboy!)

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  1. I get it. The repeats are the “mean” part. Watch out, the crowd will take a cue and start flinging things. Unpleasant things.

  2. We really should properly differentiate between “mean monkeys” and “angry apes”. Perhaps a general “perturbed primates” category?

  3. Mark, since we’ve seen this one before, perhaps you should link to the one rootboy posted. Must have fresh monkey!

  4. Welcome to the mean monkey dentistry program! Apparently apes don’t like being told to floss more, either.

  5. Surely there are enough monkeys to go around. I’m with Phikus on this: a fresh monkey is a good monkey.

  6. Anyone know if that art is by Michael Avon Oeming? It just seems very familiar to the Powers series of comics.

  7. “An ape will die on every page”?! This isn’t for people who love jungle stories… this is for people who hate apes.

    (Saxton Hale looks just as apelike as the ape, though)

    Leery lemurs.

  8. Never thought I’d see Team Fortress 2 on boingboing, though if I were to expect it, it’d have to be SAXTON HALE. My favorite has to be when he challenged not-Steve Jobs.

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