The Inevitable Taiwanese News Animation about the TSA's Touching of Junk

Video Link.

The TSA's enhanced testicle-fondling and schlong-scanning procedures get the NMA treatment. LOLs: 1) random cross-dresser 2) RapeScan Systems, Inc. 3) Osama's Secret.


  1. Love the comment at the end “Some are saying the terrorists have already won”, with OBL type laughing at how TSA has brought down western civilization.

      1. Don’t pin this on the Slytherins, the last thing Voldemort would want to do is go around touching muggle’s junk! ;)

  2. Yeah, 1:01 was priceless. I’m starting to like these Taiwanese animator guys more and more, they make some excellent satire disguised as news (kind of like the inverse of the Daily Show). That California pot one was HILARIOUS.

  3. I’m clearly not up to date on my memes. I had no idea these NMA animations existed. They’re hilarious.

  4. re: 2) It’s amazing that the real name of Chertoff’s company is RapiScan, only one vowel away from RapeScan. Just from a pragmatic maybe-we-shouldn’t-name-our-company-this POV, yeah maybe you shouldn’t have. But thanks anyway for the bittersweet lulz.

    I’m really loving these Taiwanese mavericks. And I’m really despising Obama and his constitutional-raping cronies. He’s worse than Bush. At least with the GOP version, you knew what you were getting. Obama is Nega Bush. He’s Bush and Cheney in one disgusting package.

    1. Yeah, it’s terrible how Obama got us into so many unnecessary wars and condoned torture and ruined the economy and… oh wait.

  5. So, I’m curious. Does anyone know if this animation, or any of these CGI clips from, actually appeared on TV news in Taiwan? Because their website seems more like it’s mostly an online thing – I would love to see video of this actually being worked into mainstream news broadcasts in TW.

    1. You’re right, it’s an online thing. We don’t get to see this on TV because the TV news is rated G, and some of these animations do not fit that category :P

  6. Ya, and how Obama pulled out of the nuclear nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and authorized nuclear attacks on Iraq and invaded another country with no provocation just murdering tens of thousands of people.

    How about dropping poison marked as aid on Afghanistan? (They dropped peanut butter, which is standard, but basic research would have shown that most people in the region are deathly allergic to it. I don’t think it was done on purpose)

    Oh wait, again not Obama.

  7. Not pleased with the cross-dressers-are-terrorists thing. Speaking as a trans person, the TSA actually does seem to think this way.

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