Sollight Lightship

SolLight LightShip Solar-Powered Light.jpeg This solar-powered LED light comes with suction cups and is incredibly handy. I keep one in the car on the back window, so it's always charged in case of a breakdown. It also features a red LED to preserve night vision, as well as an auto-shut-off that uses a light sensor. It is weather sealed and it stood up brilliantly to the sun, salt and sea while I lived in Fiji. I used this device, along with the brilliant LightCap. This latest version of the Sollight classic LightShip is fantastic as ever. Great for hands free light, camping, and emergencies. -- Kaz Brecher SolLight Lightship $18 Comment on this at Cool Tools. Or, submit a tool!


  1. When did you live in Fiji? I was there from 2002 – 05 .. left before the coup .. and yes .. humidity ate my stereo and other valuable things … always something important to consider.


  2. Can I opt-out of Cool Tools posts on BoingBoing? Because they are separate blogsand I’d prefer not to read them as an aggregate.

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