Wisconsin man blasts TV with shotgun to protest Bristol Palin's lackluster dance skills


14 Responses to “Wisconsin man blasts TV with shotgun to protest Bristol Palin's lackluster dance skills”

  1. Jim says:

    YEAH! You tell’em Shotgun Guy! Frickin tea-party! There’s no way Bristol Palin…

    what’s that… you’re a dedicated public servant who suffers from bi-polar disorder and are having serious financial troubles and could have easily gotten yourself and/or your wife killed during the resulting standoff?

    … and the media attention from all this is only adding to the stress of the incident and the charges you might face?

    oh. well that’s just really sad.

    hope things get better for you.


  2. Cowicide says:

    In a better world, the SWAT team would have busted in, seen what he was doing and then finished the TV off for him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Read an interview with Tommy Chong a few years ago. He is actually quite an accomplished ballroom dancer. He said his agent expressed interest in getting him on the show.

    The Dancing With The Stars producer/creator reacted angrily: “I don’t want that old hippie on my show!”

    So instead for “stars” we get the likes of Bristol Palin and Tom DeLay.

    Broadcast television shows like this are carefully rearranging the culture, so no one under 45 has ever heard of Tommy Smothers (or hears his political views). Instead we are fed a steady diet of Marie Osmond.

  4. irksome says:

    Refudiate and reload!

  5. Anonymous says:

    As an American citizen should be your right (and even your duty) to shoot the TV. They should really save the SWAT teams for more important tasks like the marihuana raids and shooting the family dogs.

  6. Sweetcarovan says:

    Fair enough

  7. nanuq says:

    Something tells me the Tea Party crowd won’t be so approving of this guy exercising his Second Amendment rights.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey, he just did what we all want to do.

  9. braininavat says:

    If I was a lawyer I’d represent this man pro bono!
    ‘According to court documents, 67-year-old Steven Cowan became enraged while watching Palin dance on Monday evening. He felt Palin was not a good dancer.’

  10. MrJM says:

    Shootin’ yer tee-vee ain’t no crime.

    He also threatened his wife with the gun.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I feel the same way after I see a Palin on the tellamavision…

  12. ed fizzisky says:

    friend of mine’s dad, killed his tv with an arrow from across the room. 40 years ago.

  13. EH says:

    the f-ing politics!

  14. bobhughes says:

    I shot tha tay-vay

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