Funny Area 51 "user reviews" on Google Maps

536728722_5b03da1d2f_b.jpg (Photo: "Alien Incubator," a CC-licensed image by Steve Jurvetson)

At the BB Submitterator, ill ich says:

In the tradition of the sarcastic "user reviews" of Gristedes milk on amazon, these user reviews of Area 51 on Google maps are comedic gold.

Example: "Spaceship TOWED Never park your spaceship nearby. I had a permit (and was legally parked), and they still towed!"


  1. What a coincidence… just two days ago I used Photoshop CS5’s content aware delete feature to erase the existence of Area 51, using an image of the site taken from Google Earth.

    I’ve added to the boingboing flickr pool. :)

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