Ghost story puppet show benefits kids' charity

The team of hollywood SFX modeller Kevin McTurk is currently working on the next X-Men film. On the side, however, they do amazingly realistic puppetry. Embedded above is a promo for The Narrative of Victor Karloch, a non-profit traveling stage show benefiting childrens' charity The Art of Elysium. [Submitterated by Jennifer] UPDATE: There's now a Facebook fan page for the show.


  1. If it’s as good live as in the video (which has the advantages of closeups and framing), and if they can sustain it through the whole story…


  2. Simply awesome. It’s so good in fact I’m again wondering at how much longer the film industry is going to want to employ live actors to tell stories. Animation especially is closing the gap between life-like and live.

  3. Any idea of the when’s and where’s of it? The website is lacking a schedule. I would love to see this show!

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