Seussian germs dismayed by cellophane

On the Vintage Ads LiveJournal community, user Spuzzlightyear has a roundup post of favorite scanned ads of yesteryear -- fantastic stuff!

Best of everyone else...#3


  1. Post title needs to be fixed. They aren’t germs, they are bugs. One of them has wings and another says “us bugs”.

  2. I wonder how many college graduates today could properly punctuate that sentence about 92% of American housewives.

  3. Wait a second–why are they all going after the flatware instead of the food? (Especially since I think the fruit is not wrapped.)

  4. Why does the food in these vintage ads look so revolting? Is it the washed-out colors? Or maybe the food just IS revolting (canned peas, ew.) Or is there something more to it than that?

    1. As a time-traveler from the 50s, I can tell you that the food was mostly overcooked and revolting compared to a well-cooked meal today. But no more repulsive than the fast food and frozen diet platters that people eat now. And the desserts were much better. We had things like homemade devil’s food cake with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting or fresh, hot apple pan dowdy after dinner every night of the week.

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