Defenestration: The Movie

Video link. The fine folks at Everything Is Terrible! have released a smashing collection of one of my favorite movie cliché/SAT word combos: defenestration. Enjoy over 7 minutes of window-breaking excitement! (EiT via RobSchrab)


  1. I was going to go out and see that movie where James Franco cuts his arm off. Thanks to this, entertainment needs are sated. Thank you Interwebs!

  2. I enjoyed watching it, but was disappointed with how little defenestration was in it. Defenestration is when something or someone is thrown out a window. Being thrown in through a window is not defenestration. Jumping out of a window is not defenestration (I suppose you could argue that they’re throwing themselves out, but that’s really stretching the meaning of the word). And jumping into a building through the window is definitely not defenestration. The bit where Ahnold goes smashing through the security screening thing-a-ma-bobby is also clearly not defenestration as no one is throwing him and it’s not a bloody window.

    Clearly they should’ve called it “Defenestration and Friends” and then I’d have no complaint.

    1. Indeed. Some purists might even suggest that if the rationale was for any other cause but establishing a political system by other than fiat, it could not really be called defenestration.

      We could of course get all Life of Brian about it. That would become silly.

      On another note, I found it amusing that the only titles in any of the clips were shown side by saide, communicating “Steven Seagal” and “The Ugly.”

      I expect the mash-up artists have heard from Mr. Seagal’s attorneys by now.

  3. As Thomas Pynchon helpfully pointed out, if the window is closed, and the object exiting via the fenetre is breaking the glass, we’re talking about transfenestration.

  4. Ah, “In the garden of eden”, do you remember making out to that hymn?
    A classic bit of window crashing there!

  5. What about Ratatouille and Casino Royale?

    From the clip, I could pick out a Terminator, A Beverly Hills Cop, Bourne Supremacy, and Goldfinger.

  6. I hereby nominate for an Academy Award 2010’s blockbuster Defenestration.

    I never realized how fake cable pulls look until I saw them all strung together like this. Fake fake fake.

  7. Oh Boing Boing, you made my day again! ;)

    At first I was: “uh… defenestration, eh”
    Then I was: “Steven Seagal!!! OMFGBBQ! ROLFMAO!”

  8. That was pretty great..but I like others who commented, I believe they left out one of the most epic “defenestration” scenes of all time:

    The Lion running through the great green hall and through the great green glass in THE WIZARD OF OZ!!

  9. Ones that I either missed, or they weren’t in there: The Matrix, when Trinity dives through a window while being chased by the cops and Agents in the beginning of the movie. Scott Pilgrim vs The World, when he jumps out the apartment window to avoid Knives. The Dark Knight when Batman goes into the Chinese skyscraper to kidnap Lau. Hellboy, when the monster tosses him out of the museum. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when Luke gets pushed out the window while fighting Darth Vader. Wanted, when that guy jumps out the window in super slow-mo. And the Firefly episode “The Train Job” has defenestration through a holographic window!

    I could go on…

  10. The first two scenes that came to my mind that I hoped were in this (that weren’t, mind you): Mal and Jayne getting tossed through the holographic bar windows in “Firefly” (as noted above), and Spike getting tossed out of the church window in “Cowboy Bebop”, Session #5, _The Ballad of Fallen Angels_.

    Lots of 1st rate clips in there, though, many of which I actually recognized! Anyone happen to know what movie that was with Tim Curry doing the manic laugh and swan dive? (And did I see a Blade Runner snippet in there as well?)

  11. I really wanted the compilation to end with Edward Norton’s character in Fight Club fail to break the glass doors with a shopping cart. Would’ve funny.

  12. This totally missed out on the great bit from James Cameron’s under-appreciated Jessica Alba vehicle ‘Dark Angel’ – an episode featuring Master P no less – ‘Now THAT’S what I call defenestration!’

  13. Defenestration – the Czech method of execution –

    Here is link to the first Prague Defenestration (one of several) from the 1955 film Against them All

    1419 one hundred years before Luther, the Czechs had the Hussite revolution after the protestant reformer Jan Hus was burned at the stake at the Council of Constance (having been promise safe conduct by Sigismund (King of Hungary and contender for his dead brother’s Crown in Bohemia).
    Hus preached against the sale of indulgences, and the corruption of the Church (there were 3 popes at the time fighting against each other), and preaching in Czech as opposed to Latin (which most people didn’t understand).

    the One-eyed general Jan Zizka – who was present at the defenestration went on to become a great leader. He raised a peasant army, taught them to use converted agricultural tools such as
    flails as weapons. Utilized early guns and converted farm wagons, in circles to defeat mounted knights – sometimes being outnumbered 10-1. His force of appr 10,000 led to victory at Vitkov Hill and saved Prague from a force of 80,000 foreign mercenaries and crusaders sent by the pope.

    No less than 5 crusades sent by the Pope were beaten back. His greatest victories came in the last four years of his life when he was completely blind. He never lost a battle.

    He was the first to use field artillery in battle. He also organized the miliatary in disciplined units, something not done since the Romans, and wrote a military code of conduct which later became adapted by all modern armies.

    the word for pistol and howitzer originate from this time (Czech pistala – whistle, houfnice)

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