"Kryptos" sculptor teases clues to C.I.A. cryptosculpture


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  1. thebelgianpanda says:

    an honest-to-FSM one time pad, with characteristics that cause the cipher text to have uniform distribution (among other characteristics) really just is that hard to reverse. the amazing part to me are the people that think they got it right but haven’t–using a pad so awesome that it can legitimately be solved different ways *is a work of art*

  2. StRevAlex says:

    I’m hoping the solution to the fourth puzzle is who killed Kennedy or something like that.

  3. franko says:

    i hope the fourth puzzle is the ingredients for Coca-Cola, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. but at 97 characters (less than a tweet!), it’s probably not. : /

    • humanresource says:

      The Simpsons solved the KFC thing remember? Chicken, grease, salt


  4. sam1148 says:

    It says “Drink More Ovaltine”

  5. Kleinzeit says:

    Someone can’t spell palimpsest.

  6. Ceronomus says:

    He has stated in his clue that it is more international. Seems like the last cipher simply isn’t in English. That would stump the majority of people in the US without a doubt.

  7. Scurra says:

    I remember working with some folk a long time ago to get to the bottom of two parts of it, but the others defeated us. (I think we did it for light relief after spending some months on Cliff Johnson’s wonderful work for David Blaine’s book.)

    Glad to hear that it has remained unbroken – by the amateurs at least!

  8. spool32 says:

    The code reads:

    If you work
    for CIA,
    codes all day,
    and you crack this
    Don’t delay…
    bearded men
    get lower pay!
    Burma Shave

  9. IamInnocent says:

    What if there were a good part that isn’t in code at all ? :)

  10. markjamesmurphy says:

    Booooo! He should be thrilled that it remains unsolved. An infuriating puzzle that remains unsolvable long after your death? now that’s cool… jdpleqhdf9cmek

    • dw_funk says:

      Isn’t the point of a code that someone will eventually break it? There’s probably an interesting argument here, but it’s probably not one we’re going to have, unfortunately.

      I’m very excited to hear what the sculpture actually says, although, judging from the other parts, I imagine it will be relatively banal and completely harmless, just like the other sections. I don’t really care for Jim Sanborn’s attitude, in any case; I think if I had made something like that, I would be able to stomach the junk mail.

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