3D printed glass vase

This beautiful vase was 3D printed in glass through 3D printing shop Shapeways, then finished with leaded glass enamels: "When designing hollow parts accommodations must be made to allow the support powder to completely fill all empty spaces. The support powder acts as a mold during firing. The glass becomes like soft toffee during firing and without support it will move in unexpected (usually disastrous) ways. These are things we know for fact."

Amazing 3D Printed Glass


  1. That’s amazing! I keep thinking of future archeologists finding this, after the collapse and the slow rebuilding, and being unable to come up with a better explanation than ‘magic’.

  2. That’s lovely and fascinating — will things like that ever be available from the makers? It makes me think of some Galle and Tiffany Art Nouveau work I’ve seen. Is there a link to a more technical explanation of how the glasswork is created — is it done in stages or all at once, what do they use for support powder and how is it removed once the glass has cooled, etc.

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