Baby is a secret robot

Video Link [thanks, Tara McGinley]


  1. Speaking strictly as a parent, I approve. I’m sure the parents are delirious about the kid actually being asleep. The entertainment is a bonus.

    1. In case the parents were wondering, yes, this video is hilarious even to people who are not currently in the sleep-deprived haze of new-parenthood.

      From my personal experience with my daughter who was the world’s lightest sleeper unless she was being held/worn by me, I kept cringing in anticipation of them waking the baby every time they moved the baby’s arms. Good to see this little one is a sound sleeper. :)

  2. My God-daughter used to do that as an infant except it was only one little claw sticking out of the baby bundle; we used to call her nosfera-baby.

  3. I’m sure there is a name for this, I am told I used to sleep with one arm up in the air like that, I know that my son used to sleep with a bent knee and foot in the air, and also with one arm up like that…it continues to this day (he’s 10).

    1. The presence of the ATNR, as well as other primitive reflexes, such as the tonic labyrinthine reflex (TLR), beyond the first months of life may indicate that the child has developmental delays, at which point the reflex is atypical or abnormal

  4. That was scary for a second… when both arms were pushed down, I was afraid the baby’s head would pop off Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots-style.

  5. I kept expecting the hand to come up with the middle finger extended, like “F.U. guys, just let me sleep!”

  6. This is a variation of a normal reflex in babies called the asymmetric tonic neck reflex. If you turn a baby’s head to one side when they are supine, the arm on that side will point straight out and the opposite arm will point upward.

  7. This is not the moro reflex. The moro reflex is also known as the startle reflex, and this has nothing to do with startling the infant, nor does it have the characteristics of the startle reflex.

  8. the baby just saying; aha! ok…you got me now, but later, I’ll get you to do that as I’m growing…*_*, Do that

  9. Yes the baby is asleep. Yes the parents knew the baby was asleep. The baby is sleeping in a car seat inside his crib. I now this, because I am the father in the video. My son Tyler was 3 months old during this video. He couldn’t sleep unless we took him for a drive first and left him buckled into his car seat. I came home and put the seat in his crib and his arm popped up. I pushed it down and well you can see the rest. Yes we were sleep deprived parents at that time and was about the most amusing thing at the time. Glad you all liked the video.

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