Brass Stirling Engine kinetic sculpture

Art Donovan sez, "Created entirely of raw brass, the Dutch artist Jos DeVink creates masterpieces of kinetic sculptures in his Stirling Engines. Turn on the sound, too!"

I disagree about the sound, to be frank, but I couldn't agree more about the sculpture. Holy awesome.

(Thanks, Art, via Submitterator!)


    1. Dang! Came here to say the same thing…

      So now I have to say “And made out of ‘raw brass’…y’know, unalloyed copper and zinc”

  1. I have to call BS on the “raw brass.” If you look inside the 3 glass cases at the bottom, you can see that the brass is slowly be roasted over low flames.

  2. A shame about the sound – I’d like to hear what the machine sounds like. Unless, of course, it really IS making that music.

  3. I’ve always wanted to make a PC cooling system that uses a Sterling Engine to turn a fan. Use the wasted energy of the machine to help cool it. You wouldnt move a lot of air but it would provide some interesting energy savings.

  4. Yes, It’s called, raw brass or unfinished brass or plain brass-
    As opposed to plated brass, brushed brass, patina brass, polished brass or lacquered brass.

    You already know this.

    1. Go here:
      then enter “raw brass” (in quotes) in the Search box.

      In the sentence “brass”, all by itself, would have been fine. Bonus, it would have prevented snarkiness. But only if the sentence removed the word “entirely”. I mean, the sculture has glass, no? And what are the springs(?)/wires(?) made out of?

      1. I believe that is actually transparent raw brass and spring raw brass, and the little ball-wheel at the bottom has some traction raw brass around it.

        I do wonder what the power output is.

      2. @Paul. Good Christ,you’re tiring.

        Stop being such petty a nit-pic, grow up and appreciate the sheer artistry of what this man has created?

        And stop trying so hard to impress us with your pseudo-technical genius.

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